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The Gundabad Uruk Bow is the weapon of choice of the Gundabad Uruk archers. This bow has a slightly weaker damage output than the Black Uruk bow, and has one of the slowest draw times, taking 50% longer to draw than a normal bow, but is still a formidable weapon. It is a great choice for evil players, as it is one of the easiest to obtain of any evil bow of above average strength (the Orc bow is usually the first bow used by evil players, and is significantly weaker than the Gundabad Uruk bow).


Draw Time (ticks) Ranged Damage Range
30 8-13 (8hearts to 10hearts3hearts) 120%


Gundabad Uruk bows are crafted on a Gundabad crafting table using 3 Uruk steel ingots, and 3 pieces of string in the following recipe.

Gundabad crafting recipe
Gundabad Crafting
Uruk Steel Ingot
Uruk Steel Ingot
Uruk Steel Ingot
Gundabad Uruk Bow
Gundabad Shield  The Hordes of Gundabad  Gundabad Banner

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