Half-troll houses are the homes of Half-trolls. This structure spawns exclusively in Pertorogwaith. It is a smaller version of the warlord house but is very similar in other regards. One normal Half-troll spawns in each house.

Characteristics Edit

The structure itself is a small, crude hovel mostly made of hardened or brown stained clay, held up by charred wood slabs and fences. Cobblestone blocks and slabs rim the inside of the house. Some buildings will spawn with holes in the roof.

The structure is illuminated and heated by a ring of fire that burns below the floor. Those fires are placed on hearth blocks (eight total) so they will never burn out on their own. Iron bars prevent mobs from falling into the fire.

Interior Edit

Inside a Half-troll house, there will always be a regular crafting table, a Half-troll crafting table, and two small baskets. These baskets can contain all sorts of materials, including coal, bones, gemsbok hide, rotten flesh, torog stew, gold ingots, Half-troll equipment or armour.


Half-troll Shield  The Half-trolls of Pertorogwaith  Half-troll Banner

NPCs: Half-troll (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: ScavengerWarlord
Items: Armour (Rhino) • ChainEquipmentTorog DraughtTorog Stew
Blocks: BasketBedCrafting Table
Structures: HouseWarlord House

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