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Half-troll Rhino Armour is the mount armour worn by the Half-trolls Warriors' rhino mounts. It is the rhino equivalent of Horse armour or Warg armour, and can only be placed on rhinos.

A rhino wearing rhino armour


The armour is crafted using six pieces of gemsbok hide and one piece of string on a Half-troll crafting table.

Half-troll crafting recipe
Half-troll Crafting
Gemsbok Hide
Gemsbok Hide
Gemsbok Hide
Gemsbok Hide
Gemsbok Hide
Gemsbok Hide
Half-troll Rhino Armour


Since Half-trolls are currently the only faction to ride rhinos, this is the only type of rhino armour available. You can hire Rhino Riders from Half-troll Warlords, and their mounts wear this armour.


When equipped on a rhino, the Half-troll Rhino Armour gives that rhino about +2 damage protection on every hit.

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