The Half-troll warlord house is a structure that spawns exclusively in Perdorogwaith, and is the home of a warlord. They are very similar to the regular house, just bigger and more decorated. They are made mainly out of hardened clay and cobblestone.


The structure contains two small baskets with loot, a vanilla crafting table, a Half-troll crafting table, a Table of Command, some banners, skulls of defeated enemies, and a big fireplace at the centre (but underground). It is made of hardened clay, cobblestone and charred wood. This is a good place to find banners for the Half-troll faction.


Half-troll Shield  The Half-trolls of Perdorogwaith  Half-troll Banner

NPCs: Half-troll (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: ScavengerWarlord
Items: Armour (Rhino) • ChainEquipmentTorog DraughtTorog Stew
Blocks: BasketBedCrafting Table
Structures: HouseWarlord House

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