The Half-trolls of Pertorogwaith are monsters, created by Sauron long ago. These brutish warriors are savage and unintelligent, but nonetheless are a force to be reckoned with. Their warriors are strong and without fear. Their Rhino cavalry can cut through great armies. And worst of all, all Half-trolls have a lust for blood that does not stop until they are destroyed. Recently, they have entered once more into an alliance with Mordor, and the Southrons as well, and have made peace with the Morwaith. Many soon will fight to destroy the realm of Gondor, but for now they have enemies closer at hand: the Taurethrim of the jungles and the Cerinrim of the bushlands.

History Edit

Please note that the following lore is Mod-Canon; i.e., it was written or approved by the mod team to supplement Tolkien's works.

In SA 1701, Sauron lost the War of the Elves and Sauron, and was forced to retreat to Mordor. His defeat made it clear for him had he had to improve his armies of Morgul-Spawn. The Elves and Men knew about Orcs, Uruks and Trolls, so in 1702 he left Mordor in secret and went south until he reached the great volcanic island today known as Tol Torog. Sauron intended to create a new kind of Morgul-spawn, stronger than Uruks and as intelligent as men to fill his ranks and lead the armies of Mordor to victory.

It is unknown how Sauron bred these creatures (and they remember not themselves), but the results were impressive: Monsters twice the size of men and four times as strong were created, ready to follow their master into battle. Yet, Sauron had not reached his goal. These “Half-trolls” turned out not to posses the intelligence Sauron had hoped for, and were less intelligent than Orcs and Uruks. The biggest setback for Sauron, however, was the slow breeding rate of these creatures. It would have taken Sauron centuries to assemble an army of Half-trolls and lead them northwards - time he did not have. So he abandoned his creation. 

After Sauron left Tol Torog, the Half­-trolls started slowly but steadily to breed and multiply. Although only few in numbers, the Half-trolls slowly took control of Tol Torog and even expanded south, into the lands now called Pertorogwaith. Their massive strength and size allowed them to evict the native Far Haradrim from the lands, and all fled before them in terror. 

With no opposition, the Half-trolls were allowed to breed in their dark lands and flourished. During the next hundreds and even thousands of years, the Half-troll population grew, and they terrorized the neighbouring Far Haradrim tribes. The Half­-trolls organized themselves in simple chiefdoms, and conducted raids into the savannahs and forests of Far Harad. The eastern tribes of the Morwaith suffered most under the Half­-troll attacks. They were not only driven out of Pertorogwaith - whole villages neighbouring these lands were destroyed by the Half-trolls, and their inhabitants devoured. The Morwaith would continue to fear them, and called them the “Grey Demons”. Other tribes did suffer as well, although significantly less then the Morwaith. The Taurethrim city of Kimen Kaah was razed by an army of Half-trolls, the Limwaith lost many villages, and the Cerinrim in the Bushlands constantly fought the Grey Demons. Of them, only the Cerinrim put up a fight: they hated the Half-trolls more than anything, and to bring the head of one to a Cerinrim chieftain was considered a great feat within the tribes. 

The Half-­trolls terrorized eastern Far Harad until the late Third Age. Upon his return to Mordor, Sauron remembered his long-abandoned creations and sent envoys from Near Harad to call his creatures to his aid. When they reached Pertorogwaith they found that finally, after so many years, the Half­-troll population had grown into an army ready to serve Sauron in his conquest of the west. The Half-trolls quickly made an alliance with Mordor and the Southrons, and made peace with the Morwaith. Now, they are ready for war, and soon will march on Gondor under the banner of the Red Eye... 

Alignment Edit

The Half-trolls are allied only with Mordor, Near Harad, and Isengard, but are neutral with all other evil factions. They are enemies with all the Free Peoples. Their area of influence covers all of Pertorogwaith, as well as several neighboring islands, parts of the forests to the west, and around the Crossings of Poros.

Sphere Pertorogwaith

Inter-faction relations

Mortal Enemies
•Mordor •Isengard

•Near Harad


•Dol Guldur

•Blue Mountains

•Dúnedain of the North
•Durin's Folk
•High Elves
•Woodland Realm

Invasions Edit

It is possible that the Half-trolls may launch an invasion in the Taur-na-Torogrim and the Jungle edge (unconfirmed).

NPCs Edit

The Half-trolls are all brutal, though some are more deadly than others.

  • Half-troll - Vicious savages widely believed to be men bred with fell creatures of Sauron.
  • Half-troll Warrior - Warriors of the Half-trolls. They are more heavily armoured than the other Half-Trolls and wield cunning weapons. Occasionally, warriors can be found riding Rhinos.
  • Half-troll Banner-Bearer - Half-troll Warriors that carry the banners of the Half-trolls.
  • Half-troll Scavenger - Half-Trolls that sell odds and ends to the weary traveller. Unlike every other trader, they will attack those with negative Half-troll alignment with their poisoned daggers.
  • Half-troll Warlord - Warlords that will sell the player Half-troll units, if he or she can afford them.

Structures Edit

The Half-trolls aren't exactly architects, but nonetheless are a force to be reckoned with.

Items Edit

The Half-trolls are crude workers, and though their items are not all that strong, they are cheap for their quality.

  • Half-troll crafting table - Crude stone and wood crafting tables used for crafting.
  • Banner of the Half-trolls - Banners depicting a black, grinning skull on a brown field.
  • Half-troll equipment - Large, bulky weapons made of flint and stone.
  • Half-troll armour - Ramshackle armour used by Half-troll Warriors and made with stone and hide.
  • Half-troll rhino armour - Armour used for the Half-trolls' rhino cavalry.
  • Torog Stew - A delicacy in Pertorogwaith, Torog Stew is a delightful treat made of flesh, dirt, bones, and a few other secret ingredients. Torog Stew is best served cold.
  • Torog Draught - A powerful drink that gives the drinker strength, but is also alcoholic, and will get those with weak tolerance drunk.
Half-troll Shield  The Half-trolls of Pertorogwaith  Half-troll Banner

NPCs: Half-troll (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: ScavengerWarlord
Items: Armour (Rhino) • ChainEquipmentTorog DraughtTorog Stew
Blocks: BasketBedCrafting Table
Structures: HouseWarlord House

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