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Harad is the vast, southern part of Middle-Earth and consists of

The continent of Harad, as of Update 34.3

Not to be confused with the Dark Land, Harad is a large continent with many different cultures and species. In the Common Speech, Harad is sometimes refered to as the Sunlands.

It is difficult to definitively say where the continent of Harad ends and northern continent of Middle-earth begins, as there are no major geological features in that general area that stretch from the Belegaer to the East Sea. One potential boundary could be drawn from the Gulf of Harad to the Gulf of Umbar.

The region of Harondor is heavily contested between the northern Gondorians, which consider it as "South Gondor" and the southern Harnedhrim, which think of it as "North Harad". So this is where the proximate boundary lies.