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Harad bandits are hostile NPCs added in Public Beta 27. They are rogues that can steal items from your inventory. They are quite similar to the bandits that can be found in western Middle-earth. Most will wear turbans.


Harad bandits will spawn within most regions of both Near and Far Harad, regardless of the time of day. Generally, between two and four bandits will spawn near the player, and will attempt to rob the player, regardless of alignment. A complete list of biomes where bandits spawn and the chance of their occurrence is provided on the general page on bandits. If you are fed up with being robbed all the time, you can disable them completely in the config file.

Unlike most of the mod's NPC's, they don't despawn once they've stolen some items from the player, preventing stolen items from being lost forever.


As stated above, Harad bandits will attempt to rob you, taking items from your inventory (including your hotbar), and then flee at great speed. They may take a few items from one slot, or many items from one slot, though they can't take the item you're holding or the armour you're wearing. Generally, Harad bandits will take valuable items over less valuable ones; they take cash first, then armour and weapons. When this happens, the following chat message will appear:

A bandit stole some items from your inventory!

Harad bandits have no name, and won't be attacked by ordinary NPCs. Hired units, however, will attack nearby bandits. Once provoked, bandits will attempt to kill the attacker using their dagger.


Harad bandits will drop bones on occasion, along with the items they stole from you (if any). They'll also drop 12 to 28 coins. Occasionally, they will drop a pouch, containing close to a stack of coins, or their turban or dagger.



  • Stand and deliver! Your money... or your life!
  • Hand over the goods, Person!
  • I wouldn't put up a fight if I was you!
  • I'll be filthy stinkin' rich after I'm done with you!
  • You won't be needin' all them things, will you now?
  • Well look what we've got here!
  • Time to pay!
  • Where are you hiding those pretty little coins?
  • Come here! I want to make a deal with you...
  • Your money is mine, maggot! Pay up!
  • What is that shining in your pocket? Is that a coin? Give it to me!
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