This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

The Harad Daisy is a type of pink flower found in most Harad biomes.


They can be found fairly commonly in most biomes in Harad, and can also be bought from Southron plant traders for two coins.

Harad Daisies

Harad daisies growing in the Southron Coasts.


Besides for decoration, this flower can be crafted in a regular crafting table into pink dye, alike to other flowers. The recipe is shown below.

vanilla crafting recipe
Harad Daisy


  • In Update 36, the daisy was retextured to match the pink texture added to the renewed version. It was therefore changed to be made into pink dye instead of purple. The old texture: HaradFlower daisyU35

A cluster of Harad daisies with the old texture.

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