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The Harad pyramid wraith is an undead being that spawns in pyramids. They take fire damage, but do not burn in the sunlight. They are one of the few mobs that are affected by the smite enchantment and Wraithbane modifier.

The wraiths come in two variants - one wearing Gulfing armour and carrying a Haradric dagger, and one wearing Coast Southron armour and carrying an Umbaric dagger. Their appearance and behavior are similar to Rohan barrow wraiths and Gondor ruins wraiths (except for the armour).


One of these hostile guardians spawn when the player attempts to open the chest in a Harad pyramid. Once killed however, the player is free to access the chest.

These creatures will attack any player or NPC, regardless of their alignment to Near Harad. It will also attack Mordor spiders, Mirkwood spiders and other wraiths. Killing one does not lower your Near Harad alignment.

As with all other wraiths (excluding Marsh Wraiths) they will actively avoid sunlight, staying under the cover of blocks even if the player they are targeting has entered the sunlight.


The wraith often will drop nothing when killed. It does however, on rare occasions drop a piece of its armour or its dagger.