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The Harnennor Farmhands are laborers helping Harnennor farmers in the farms of Harnennor. They will help you too if you hire them from the Harnennor Farmer. This is one of the hirable units intended for automatic farms. For more information, take a look on this page.

Unlike the other peoples of Near Harad, the Harnedhrim do not tolerate slavery, a sentiment born from long years of Gondorian oppression. Their farmhands are all volunteers, and the farmers of Harnennor believe that their willing labor produces healthier crops.


The Harnennor Farmhands will plough the grass and dirt (barren or not) blocks around a source of water (4 blocks range), and will begin to plant seeds. If they find no fine place to farm, they will randomly wander in the land, exactly like the regular Harnedhrim.

Unlike the rest of the Harnedhrim, the farmhands are peaceful and won't attack enemy NPCs or negatively-aligned players. Thus, good players don't need to worry about farmhands unless they deliberately provoke them, in which case they will attack you with the deadliest weapon ever.


The Harnennor Farmhands can be hired from the Harnennor Farmer, who may be found in the Harnennor Settlement, specifically in the farms or the bazaars. You'll need +50 Alignment with Near Harad and 80 to 20 silver Coins, depending on your alignment and your pledge.

Of course, for the same price and 0 alignment, you can hire a Slave of Harad from a Corsair Slaver, but if you're an evil player with standards, you will certainly prefer these farmhands.



  • Another day, another army. Will it ever be different?
  • You're a northerner? I'm surprised you made it this far without either side attacking you.
  • I hope the nomads set up again at Ijdi-ilel soon.
  • Have you seen the dark mountains, Person?
  • I heard there has been trouble at Bêlkadar again. I pray we keep our hold on the Aphûrnin.
  • The fish have been biting this season. Maybe nobody has to starve, for once.
  • Have faith, Person. Lord Sauron will make sure those northerners turn to ash, soon enough.
  • I heard rumours that riders from the East have come to Ninzâyan. What a time to be alive!
  • The nomads of the Great Desert promised to bring me back something special from across the sands.
  • I don't suppose you will be helping our warriors push further north, Person?
  • Some of the men that came back from across the Aphûrnin say another river lies further north. I wonder if there are people like us up there.
  • The desert of Lostladen is a wasteland of ash and sand. Precious little can grow there.
  • Lord Sauron has promised us the coming of great warriors out of the South, who will crush the Gondorians with a single blow!
  • I heard the Men of Umbar still haven't left their waters. Will they ever commit to this war like us?
  • I hear the lands of Umbar are evergreen and filled with trees bearing many fruits. Why don't they ship some more up our way?
  • I used to work on a farm, Person. Unfortunately, it was raided by the Gondorians when they reached the Aphûrnin.
  • Sand to the south, war to the north... is there any place for us to just be at peace?
  • You're a northerner, aren't you? I can tell. I always can.
  • I don't normally talk to the likes of you, but something tells me you're all right.
  • Hot day today, isn't it?
  • The serpent strangles the tree, Person.


  • Northerners! Someone, call the guards!
  • You shall not burn any more of our lands!
  • You won't survive for long this side of the Aphûrnin!
  • By the Serpent! Assault, assault!
  • I don't know how you made it past our warriors, but your path ends here!
  • You shall pay with blood, northern fiend!
  • Are the green lands not enough for you? Begone!
  • We have fought northerners for generations. Your assault means nothing!


  • The Sun is hot today.
  • It is such a hot day.
  • Farming these fields is thirsty work.
  • I would delight in a cup of arak.
  • Must we work forever, Person?
  • It is hard to work in this heat, Person.
  • One should not have to work beneath the Sun for so long.
  • The crops grow well in this heat, but I do not work well in it.
  • The yellow Sun is a noontide dread...
  • Worry not, Person. We shall have these fields harvested before long.
  • Always there is more to sow, more to harvest...
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