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The Harnennor Warlord is a unit trading NPC from whom you can hire Harnennor units. They boast a unique style of red face paint, and wear red cloaks emblazoned with the Black Serpent. Warlords wear a full suit of armour, minus the helmet.

Upon hiring a unit from a Harnennor warlord, the player earns the achievement "Sons of the Harnen".


Harnennor warlords will stay within their fortresses, overlooking their troops. They won't attack unless provoked, in which case they will defend themselves with the weapon they are wielding.


Harnennor Warlords spawn in Harnennor Fortresses, parts of Harnennor Fortifications, which can be found inHarnennor, a region of Near Harad. They always spawn on a balcony above the far end of the courtyard.


They will most often drop bones, but occasionally they might drop their armour.


If the player has 150+ alignment with the Near Harad, warlords will allow you to hire troops.

Unit Unpledged Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged Cost (Silver Coins) Requires Pledge (Near Harad) Alignment Required (Near Harad)
Harnennor warrior 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) 10-20 ( 10  to  20 ) No +150
Harnennor archer 40-80 ( 40  to  80 ) 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) No +200
Harnennor horseman 40-80 ( 40  to  80 ) 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) No +250
Harnennor horse archer 60-120 ( 60  to  120  120 ) 30-60 ( 30  to  60 ) No +300
Harnennor banner bearer 40-80 ( 40  to  80 ) 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) No +300



  • Another day, another army. Will it ever be different?
  • Have you seen the skulls of Ninzadîn, Person? It's the promise we made to all Gondorians.
  • There are few comforts in time of war, but I for one cannot wait to lay my eyes on the White City burning.
  • Keep your weapons where I can see them and we should be fine, Person.
  • I don't normally talk to the likes of you, but something tells me you're all right.
  • Gondor can't hold on forever. We will break through soon enough!
  • Go, lead our men into battle, Person!


  • I shall not let a northerner command my men.
  • Hah, my men would rather slay you. Prove you're not like the others, Person.
  • The Great Eye would smite me were I to allow you to lead my men.
  • I don't trust you in command yet, Person.
  • Perhaps the mercenaries would fight for you, but not my men.
  • It's going to be a no from me.


  • You'll make a fine addition to the tower of Ninzadîn!
  • Another northerner invasion. Rally the men!
  • You shall not burn any more of our lands!
  • Come here! I'll show you the strength of Harad!
  • You won't survive for long this side of the Aphûrnin!
  • The Lîphanin will flow red once more!
  • Harondor belongs to us!
  • Die, Gondorian scum!
  • You shall pay with blood, northern fiend!
  • May Sauron guide my swing, I shall destroy you!
  • You are too late. Our victory is guaranteed!
  • Send word to Bêlkadar! The Ninzâyanim are under attack!
  • I don't need anyone else to crush you!
  • We have fought northerners for generations. Your assault means nothing!
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