This page will tell all you need to know about appealing a ban inflicted upon you by an admin.

Note: This is only for wiki bans inflicted by wiki admins. If you are banned on a server, contact the server owner.

Can I appeal?

Yes, you can appeal most bans, if you think that you were banned unfairly. However, if you committed a very severe offense, you will not be able to appeal the ban, although this is more or less reserved for spambots or VPN trolls.

How do I do this?

Usually, if you've been banned, you will still be able to edit your own message wall. That way, if you've been banned, you will be able to write an appeal on your message wall. However, the appeal must be posted within 21 days of the ban being enacted.

A successful appeal

  • Must include the reason why you got banned.
  • Must include why you want to be back on the wiki.
  • You must solemnly swear to read the FAQ, the Suggestions Forum Rules & Code of Conduct, Planned Features, and the Wiki Style Guide before you post anything on the forum or edit any page.
  • If the offense was FAQ ignorance, you must summarize the FAQ in your own words.
  • Good grammar, English, punctuation, and appropriate capitalization will increase the likelihood that an admin will unban you.

In the end, the final call comes down to the admin who enacted the ban. Most times, the admin will follow the message wall of the banned user.

How do I avoid future bans?

If you act up to the FAQ, Suggestions Forum Rules & Code of Conduct, the Planned Features, and the Wiki Style Guide (which you're supposed to), then you will not get any future bans.

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