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The Lord of the Rings Mod is a great mod by itself, but, because it is a Forge mod, an obvious question arises: Which other mods can work with this mod? This page gives you an incomplete list of mods that work and don't work (or partially work) with the latest version of the LotR mod. If you found new incompatibilities, feel free to add them to the list. All sub-lists are ordered alphabetically.

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Installing Shaders[]

Most shaders are largely compatible with the LotR mod, although some features may not work fully (such as leaves for the mod's trees not 'waving'). You will also likely have to disable the Middle-earth sky in the mod's configuration.

One of the main issues with many shaders is that they do not recognise that Middle-earth has a longer day-night cycle, meaning that at noon the world becomes darker. See this video by mindofmike for a guide to get shaders working with the LotR mod's day-night cycle.

If using a version before Public Beta 31.3, shaders may cause a crash when used with the LotR mod.

Mods that don't work[]

The following mods do not work at all with the Lord of the Rings mod. These are mods that generally crash the game, or inactivate a vital gameplay mechanic:

  • Aether: Causes the game to crash (at least in older versions).
  • Abyssalcraft: Causes intermittent crashes when LOTR is installed while in the LOTR dimension (At least on the client)
  • Battlegear 2: Spawning of bandits and magpies stealing things lead to crashes. Forge config to remove erroring entities works with magpies, and disabling bandit spawning in LOTR config makes this mod function with few issues.
  • ICBM: Does not allow game to load properly.
  • Pixelmon: Opening the PC causes the game to crash. controls do not work and pixelmon don't spawn. Just does not work in general. (Proof needed? Works perfectly fine for me)
  • Unique Artifacts: Causes the game to crash (is incompatible with Middle-earth biomes)
  • Millenaire: Millenaire will not function (Proof needed? Works perfectly fine for me)
  • Coros' Weather Mod: Results in very glitchy skies in Middle-Earth, and heavy lag.
  • HerdCraft-Mod causes LOTR Animals to not reach Adult size and crashes the server if they do reach adult stage, (Having Config to remove error entities will fix them spawning but makes so you can have adult animals) Also all units become Herd like in nature causing them to clump up and become rather stupid in the movements.
  • RotaryCraft/DragonAPI: Conflicting item IDs crash the game on startup.
  • Legends Mod: Causes everything to go black due to title screen conflicts.

Note: It is recommended not to use these mods and the Lord of the Rings mod together.

Mods that partially work[]

The mods in this list will work with the Lord of the Rings mod, although they cause glitches or provide reduced functionality. They do not crash the game:

  • Antique Atlas: Some report opening it in Middle-earth it crashes the game, but for others it works, but not flawlessly. Reported are issues with textures used for LOTR biomes, which may be incorrect or missing entirely. The mod does not automatically log generated settlements in LOTR as "villages". The mod does keep track of deathpoints as well as the portal.
  • Arcane Scrolls: Several utility scrolls won't work, and all or almost all scrolls will not work in Middle Earth. In the Overworld, most scrolls function and work against LotR mobs.
  • Better Foliage: Compatible with minor issues: coral and algae occasionally spawn in odd places such as in-land rivers; the cactus texture is broken.
  • Botania: Botania flowers don't generate in Middle-Earth (can be circumvented with Floral Fertilizer). The mod requires diamonds, ender pearls, redstone, nether wart, blaze rods/powder, nether brick. Saplings from LOTR can be used in place of Minecraft saplings.
  • Bukkit Multiverse: Alignment is the same in every world (caused by alignment data being stored as playerdata rather than in the dimension file).
  • Construction Mod: Compatible, but you can't save builds with stuff from LOTR.
  • Hostile Worlds - Invasions: will not invade (not to be confused with ME faction invasions) ME
  • Metallurgy 4: Mithril from this mod cannot be used as LotR mithril. LOTR Copper and tin can be used to make bronze from this mod, though it does not function as though it were LOTR bronze.
  • MorePlayerModels: Compatible, with full access to all NPC models. Hobbit models show weird graphics, eye position not right. If you experience a 'black screen', open the F12 menu and set 'Point of View' to 'No'. Alternatively use this patch made by Malvegil which fixes the issue and thus allows you to use the 'Point of View' with LOTR entities.
  • Optifine: May crash the game upon launch, or cause textures/blocks to become invisible or untextured. It depends on some variables that are as yet unknown. The issue some users experience with water having a white texture can be fixed by ensuring that the ‘swamp colours’ setting under ’quality settings’ is set to ‘ON’. Other than this Optifine works completely fine and is actually recommended.
  • Parzi's Star Wars Mod: Will cause major lag
  • Ragdoll corpses: Works well in that all humanoid mobs (bar hobbits) die leaving a corpse. However, if the game is saved and exited while the player is near a corpse, the game will crash. This is only a minor issue, as you were exiting anyway, and the game does save.
  • Real First Person Render: Works if the players skin does not use the "hat layer" as it is called, this causes the mod to render the 2nd layer of your skin infront of your screen.
  • SkinPort:Allows layers to be displayed in 1.7.10. However, it does not support the menu in LoTR. The player's face displayed on the MAP and the whole body displayed on the shield selection menu will be very strange. If you don't mind it, you can use it without any problem.
  • Storage Drawers: Banner protection does not prevent players from removing items from the drawers. Some crafting recipes may need changed to allow full functionality in middle earth. (redstone, diamonds, etc.) Might need an Addon to add support for LOTR woodtypes.
  • VoxelMap: Shows correct biome grass colours and LotR mobs, except some such as birds and butterflies.
  • Witchery: Compatible but needs diamonds which cannot be found in ME. Overworld necessary. Also, attacking a werewolf being with a silver sword results in the attacker losing the connection to the server and the werewolf not taking any damage, making werewolf players practically immune to any attack. Furthermore werewolf players are having issues with their point of view while in wolf form; this can however be circumvented by changing into F5 view mode. Even more game-breaking is the fact that you can "tame" any mob (Yes, even Balrogs) by using the Infernal Infusion and the ability to disarm them (by using the Mystic Branch) lets you "farm" their whips (and any other mobs held items too) infinitely. Thus, it is highly recommended to refrain from installing it alongside the LotR mod.

Mods that work well[]

Mods in the following list work perfectly well in conjunction with the Lord of the Rings mod:

  • Advanced Xray: Just add the ids from the mod ores and it will work well
  • Archimedes' Ships and Boats: Compatible. Please note that if combined with Carpenter's Blocks, compiling a ship might cause a crash.
  • Armourer's Workshop: Fully Compatible by default, however please note that chestplates do not rotate correctly on mannequins. To use model overrides on lotr weapons/items you will need to add the items to the config at /.minecraft/config/armourersWorkshop/overrides.cfg. All armor can be overridden by default unless it has a custom model(example: Elven helms, Isengard Uruk Helmets).
  • AssassinCraft: Compatible.
  • Astikoor: Compatible.
  • Backpacks Mod: Compatible, but there are already pouches contained within the LOTR mod.
  • Balkon's Weapon Mod: Compatible, but muskets, flintlocks and blunderbusses work like bows.
  • Bane Tooltips: Designed specifically for the lotr mod
  • Better Horse Hud:Display your hunger and horse health.
  • Better Sprinting:Change dash button, toggle etc.
  • BetterHUD: Compatible. (switch off redundant things like Compass in in-game menu)
  • Bibliocraft: Compatible.
  • Bspkrs' mods (ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, StatusEffectHUD): Compatible.
  • Buildcraft: Compatible, although this has not been fully tested.
  • Campfire Backport:Add a campfire to 1.7.10.
  • Carpenter's Blocks: Compatible.
  • Chisel 2: Compatible.
  • Custom NPCs: Compatible.
  • Ding: Compatible
  • Dynamic Surroundings: Compatible, all sounds play in correct biomes.
  • Emmaitar: Compatible
  • Enchanting plus: Compatible, but vanilla enchanting must be enabled to gain XP.
  • Familiars: Compatible, but vanilla enchanting must be enabled to gain XP.
  • FastCraft: Compatible, and in fact highly recommended for increasing performance.
  • Flan's Mod: Compatible.
  • Fullbright: Compatible
  • Galacticraft (with all the cores and expansions): Compatible.
  • 4Space, a Galacticraft addon: Compatible.
  • Gravestone Mod: Items will be stored in the tombstone block when you die.
  • Harvestcraft: Can cause some biomes to look vastly different.
  • Heart Drop:Mobs drop healing hearts like zelda and terraria. For 1.7.10.
  • Infernal Mobs: Compatible (LOTR mobs get Infernal Mobs powers sometimes, but usually not NPCs such as orcs and other Middle-earth humanoids).
  • JourneyMap: Compatible. However, LOTR npc's don't appear on minimap and LOTR mobs don't have an icon.
  • Hardcore End Expansion: Compatible.
  • MCheli: Compatible.
  • Minecraft Comes Alive: Compatible.
  • Minions: Compatible.
  • Natural Absorption: Compatible, but vanilla enchanting must be enabled to gain XP & remove golden apple recipes must be true.
  • Nomad Tents: Compatible.
  • Orespawn: Compatible, but the ability to craft a sword that does more damage than a mithril sword out of sticks and poppies might be OP to some people.
  • Pam's Harvestcraft: Compatible, but foods from LotR cannot be substituted with Harvestcraft's food & seeds & trees spawn in the Overworld, not Middle Earth. If the Queen bee (in apiary) gets the middle earth enchantment it can crash your server every time it generates resources. (not tested in singleplayer).
  • Rei's Minimap: Compatible.
  • Rival Rebels: Compatible.
  • Secret Rooms Mod: Compatible.
  • Schematica: The GTNH version of Schematica is designed to be compatible with the lotr mod by fixing log spam. Some minor issues still exist with creating a schematic with butterfly jars and bird cages.
  • Shaders Mod: Compatible since Public Beta 31.3.
  • ShoulderSurfing:You can move the Third Person Camera and play from diagonally behind.
  • Small Boats Mod: Compatible.
  • Ships Mod: Compatible, however some special mod blocks like stone chests get their texture removed when launching ships. It can lag the game heavily with bigger ships.
  • StepUp:Auto Jump!
  • Thaumcraft: Compatible, however, placing Thaumcraft armor on armor stands from this mod causes a crash.
  • TooManyItems: Compatible.
  • Twilight Forest: Compatible.
  • Waila: Compatible.
  • World Edit mod: Compatible, please note that you are unable to rotate stairs in a selection properly.
  • Xaero's Minimap and Worldmap: Compatible.


  • Aquaculture 2: The fish from aquaculture spawn in Middle-earth rivers like normal.
  • Better Animals Plus: Most animals spawn in their dedicated biome, but Mordor has been populated by goats (can be used with Better Animal Models to make vanilla mobs fit the other animals).
  • Botania: Flowers and Mushrooms generate in Middle-Earth biomes properly, unlike the version for 1.7.10
  • Exotic Birds: Almost all animals spawn in their fitting biomes.
  • JourneyMap: Compatible and, unlike in 1.7.10, shows the correct LotR biome names.
  • Scenic: adds more blocks and decorative items that spawn naturally in Middle Earth.
  • SwingThroughGrass: allows weapons to swing through any block without collision.
  • WildNature | A Wilder Experience: Some plants and mushrooms spawn in the middle earth dimension, but most of the improvements are in caves.
  • Wyrmroost: All the dragons added so far spawn in their dedicated biomes. The only non spawning dragon is the Butterfly leviathan.
  • Ice and Fire: Dragons in a whole new light| Some mobs may spawn but some don't due to world generation

Mods that Need Config Changes[]

Please note that if you do one of these config changes, please post a configuration snippet on the Configuring third-party software for the mod wiki page, with a download link to the config file somewhere, so that the rest of the community can download and use them. This applies to all mods in this list.

  • Aliens versus Predator Mod: Has a few id conflicts that can be changed via config file. AvP mobs won't fight LOTR mobs.
  • Applied Energistics 2: Meteors land in Middle-earth. (No config option for this, I recommend not going to Middle-Earth until you find a meteor and then setting meteor spawn chance to 0.).
  • Better Dungeons: Compatible, castles don't spawn in Middle-Earth on default, but can be made to in the config.
  • DamageIndicators: Compatible, however, the health bar gets in the way of the active quests GUI. Suggestion: Use DamageIndicator's keybind in-order to move it away from the Quests GUI.
  • Dynamic Lights: Works but the 'L' key is used by this mod as well as the LotR mod. It can be changed in the 'Controls' menu to prevent this clash.
  • Electroblob's Wizardry: need to add Dimension 100 to config files for world gen to effect Middle Earth.
  • Galacticraft: Works with the LotR mod but config changes are necessary to prevent Galacticraft ores from spawning in Middle-earth, and allow metal compatibilities.
  • Geochests: chests work fine, ore gen needs configuration.
  • Immersive Engineering: Needs config changes to turn off ore generation in Utumno (dimension id 101) and stop generation of copper and silver ore. Also needs some oredictionary entries to fix metal compatibility. Keep in mind, some recipes require out-of middle earth resources such as blaze powder and nether brick. The only thing that requires massive effort to get to work is the excavator.
  • Jewelrycraft 2: Compatible, but can be laggy for some people.
  • Weather2: If using this mod causes the screen to zoom in and out, make the following change. Pause the game, click 'Weather2 Config', then 'Compatibility', then 'Advanced', then go to page 4 and find "Misc_proxyRenderOverrideEnabled". Set this to false (you may have to delete the word 'true' and physically type the word 'false'). Click 'Save' and everything should work correctly.
  • Treecapitator: Trees added by mod are not supported by default. You need to add the tree and ax IDs to your config file.See here or here.
  • World Edit (client): 'L' key for instruction sheet clashes with middle Earth menu. This can be changed in the 'Controls' menu.

Mods that Need Add-Ons to make Function at Full Awesomeness[]

Please note that if you create one of these Add-ons, please post a download link somewhere so that the rest of the community can download and use them. This applies to all mods in this list.

  • Agricraft: An addon may be needed for LOTR crops to be plantable on crop sticks from this mod and for LOTR crops/seeds to get Agricraft stats
  • Forestry: An addon may be needed in order for LOTR trees and crops to work in Forestry farms, as well as for beehives to spawn in ME and for ME biomes to have proper Temperature/Humidity values
  • Inventory Tweaks: In order to sort LOTR items in the player inventory or chests, you'll need an updated item tree. You'll find it here.
  • Mo'Creatures: Compatible, note that Mo'Creatures mobs don't spawn in Middle-Earth, so an add-on may need to be created to make them spawn.
  • Not Enough Items: Recipes on the LotR mod's crafting tables don't show up. It has been stated by Mevans himself that he would like someone to create an add-on for this mod, so that it can be used. An add-on is currently in development, you can find more infos here .
  • Tinker's Construct: May need an add-on to allow LOTR metals to work with Smeltery, and LOTR items to work with other mod functions. More information here!


  • Just Enough Items: compatible, use Malvegil's addon (found here to add support for LotR mod recipes.

Please add more to the following lists as you learn more about the mod.