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High Elven Halls (known in-game as Lindon or Rivendell Halls) are the home to the High Elves of Lindon and of Rivendell, and as such, will only spawn in those biomes. They are extravagantly structured and contains more food than a Hobbit-hole, making it an extremely fortunate find for weary travellers.

The building has two stories and a roof that shelters the second layer. The build of the structure is made out of many Elven blocks (except for the wood). Surrounding both levels are many pillars that hold the banners of Rivendell or Lindon and High Elven torches. For decoration, the building is adorned with various pots of saplings and flowers.

This structure is normally inhabited by two to six Lindon Elves or Rivendell Elves, who can be found wandering in and around their premises.


First Level[]

The entry floor contains a table laden with an abundance of food on plates and mugs of Miruvor. The table also holds three food blocks, the types of which will vary with each Hall (will be combinations of apple crumble, cherry pie, and/or berry pie).

A stairwell in the centre leads up to the second floor. On one side of the stairwell lies a large chest, which contains even more food supplies, arrows, books, etc. There are also two barrels filled with Miruvor near the chest. Above the chest are two regular furnaces.

At another side of the stairwell, the player will find a Lindon or Rivendell crafting table depending on the biome.

Second Level[]

On the second floor, there is a High Elven bed for tired wanderers to rest, and another mug of Miruvor on the table beside it. There are also two bookshelves, suggesting that the owner of the hall may be a Loremaster of the elves.



Rivendell  Lindon  The High Elves of the West  Lindon  Rivendell

Items: EdhelmirGalvorn Armour
Blocks: BedBrickElvengrassForgeTorch
Structures: HallHouseSmithyTurretUnderwater Ruin

High Elf Shield.png  The Elves of Lindon  High Elf Banner.PNG

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: LordSmith
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: Crafting Table
Structures: Tower

Rivendell Shield.png  The Elves of Rivendell  Rivendell Banner.png

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: CaptainSmithWanderer
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: Crafting Table