High Elven Houses (known in-game as Rivendell and Lindon Houses) are elegant dwellings that are the homes of the Elves of Rivendell and the Elves of Lindon. They spawn in Rivendell and Lindon.


High Elven houses have a very open structure with large windows, and a roof supported by pillars. They have a steep roof which is typically covered in leaves to represent the Elves' love of nature.

Interior Edit

On the inside of the High Elven House you can find blue carpet covering a smooth stone floor. The house has 2 floors with the first being the living floor containing a Lindon or Rivendell crafting table depending on the biome.


A Rivendell Elf spawns in each house in Rivendell and a Lindon Elf in each house in Lindon.

Rivendell Shield  High Elf Shield  The High Elves of the West  High Elf Banner  Rivendell Banner

Items: EdhelmirGalvorn Armour
Blocks: BedBrickElvengrassForgeTorch
Structures: HallHouseSmithyTurretUnderwater Ruin

High Elf Shield  The Elves of Lindon  High Elf Banner

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: LordSmith
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: Crafting Table
Structures: Tower

Rivendell Shield  The Elves of Rivendell  Rivendell Banner

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: CaptainSmithWanderer
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: Crafting Table

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