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This feature is present in: Legacy only.

Hobbit burrows are small structures in which poorer Hobbits of the Shire dwell. They are covered in leaves and have small front garden with a seat and a single door entrance. There is a sign to the left of the door with the family name of the inhabitants, for example "Bounder Smial".


These burrows only spawn in the Shire, at the same frequency as houses and twice as commonly as Hobbit holes. There are also similar burrows in Bree-land settlements - they can spawn randomly in hamlets and spawn in rows along a winding road in Bree-land villages.


The burrow is a simple structure, with a single room shared by its two inhabitants. Opposite the door is a double chest containing the same food-related items that can be found in the larders of Hobbit holes. To the left is a double straw bed, a small desk and a single chest with more food. To the right is a small kitchen area without even a proper oven, instead having a furnace, cauldron and Hobbit crafting table, as well as a plate with some food on.


The burrow's only inhabitants are two married Hobbits, and occasionally their children.


There is nothing of particular value inside these burrows, unless the player is hungry and for some reason cannot find food elsewhere in the Shire.

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