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Hobbit Farms are buildings that spawn in the Shire, and are home to multiple farm animals, a few farmhands, and a farmer, with whom you can trade and hire farmhands.


Note: This article uses the British convention of floor naming.

These farms include a wooden 2-story barn with a thatched roof, wooden beam supports, and a wooden gate.

Ground Floor[]

The bottom floor, houses various farm animals, as well as hay bales, and plenty of grass.

First Floor[]

The first floor contains a bed, a normal crafting table, a hobbit crafting table, a Hobbit oven, a cake type food, various decorative blocks, and a double chest containing food and various farming supplies. This is where the Hobbit Farmer resides, from who you can exchange coins and hire Hobbit Farmhands, the second farming unit to be added to the mod, coming after the Núrn Slaves and before Taurethrim farmhands. However, unlike every other unit captain in the game (besides Taurethrim farmers), the Hobbit farmer can also be traded with. They will sell various crops, and buy farming materials.


Outside there is a fenced crop garden containing a field of crops and a Hobbit farmhand caring for them. These crops vary for each farm. Some contain the much loved pipe-weed, others grow more common crops such as carrots, potatoes, wheat, lettuce, and corn which are all very beneficial for new players in Middle-Earth.


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NPCs: Hobbit (Farmhand, Bounder)
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Items: Leather HatMarriage RingPebblePipeSling
Blocks: Crafting TableOven
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