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Hobbit farmhands are helpers to Hobbit farmers. They spawn naturally in Hobbit farms in the Shire, working away in the field. Hobbit farmhands are distinguishable by the hoe they hold in one hand. They are passive mobs, and will attempt to flee when attacked or when an Orc is in the near vicinity. As of Public Beta 20, Hobbits have large visible feet, complete with a layer of coarse hair.


Hobbit farmhands can be hired from farmers for a price of 40 coins, provided that the player has at least +50 alignment with the Hobbits.

Upon hiring a Hobbit farmhand, the player earns the achievement "Hired Hands"


They work similarly to other farmhands, however they work faster than all other farmhands. They will help you sow crops and harvest them if you give them the seeds. For more information, please consult the farmhands page.



  • Short cuts make for long delays!
  • Good day, Person.
  • Good day!
  • May the hair on your toes never fall out, Person!
  • May the hair on your toes never fall out.
  • The road goes ever on and on...
  • Adventures? Nasty things, they are. Make you late for dinner.
  • Is it time for second breakfast yet?
  • Welcome to the Shire!
  • Welcome to the Shire, Person!
  • The only brew for the brave and true... comes from the Green Dragon!
  • Where would we Hobbits be without pipe-weed?
  • Don't you wish you lived in a Hobbit hole too?
  • Hobbit holes! Warmth, good food, and comfort.
  • It's a dangerous business, going out your front door.
  • And how are you today, Person?
  • The Sackville-Bagginses came for lunch yesterday. Now I can't find any of my plates, nor my mugs...
  • Good day to you, Person! How are you doing?
  • There's nothing quite like a pint of ale from the Green Dragon!
  • Greetings, Person! I've seldom seen Big Folk like you around these parts!
  • Welcome to the Shire, traveller from afar! What news do you bring from the wide world?
  • I don't know what I'd do without a good leaf of Longbottom on a hot summer's day!
  • I have relatives in Buckland. They're funny fellows...
  • The market in Stock is a great place for food, drink and pipe-weed!
  • Have you seen the frogs in the marshes around Frogmorton way?
  • The Northern Moors are wild and windy, but full of fine inns with homely hearths.
  • Have you any pipe-weed, Person?
  • People tell of Elves in the woods near Willowbottom. I reckon it's just the Largefoot family!
  • It's best to avoid Sarn Ford. That's where all the travelling folk meet, and some of them can be very queer!
  • This here field is full of rabbits! Better get the little ones to chase them off!
  • I don't want any adventures, thank you very much!
  • My knowledge of potatoes is second to only the Gamgees!
  • On a breezy day I like to lie beneath an oak tree and sleep. Like we hobbits should!
  • Longbottom is the leaf of wonders! Is it not, Person?
  • My flowerbeds could do with a good sprinkling!
  • Hello, Person. Are you staying long?
  • For a jolly day out I suggest Needlehole... or food!
  • A fine meal is always the best option!
  • Mmm, buttered potato and peas...
  • I find farming to be a pleasant pastime! Have you tried it, Person?
  • The finest pleasure is a meal well done. Do you know that feeling, Person?
  • These Big Folk! They come over here and steal our farms. Keep the Shire for the Hobbits, that's what I say!
  • Anyone for a third breakfast?
  • Pipe-weed is good. Mushrooms are better!
  • I am fond of mushrooms out of a field.
  • Good plain food is the food for me.
  • I go to bed late and get up late for breakfast. It's the only way to be!
  • Gardening is a fine way to spend a day.
  • A cup of tea for me!
  • The parties in the Shire are the best you'll ever see. Food, drink and merriment!
  • My relatives in Bree tell of strange goings-on...
  • You're almost as tall as old Bullroarer was! Have you heard the tale of how he created the game of golf?
  • They say the rich families keep treasure in their burrows. Chests packed with gold and silver... and jools!


  • Strange folk have been seen in these parts, and you look like one of them.
  • I hear you've been causing trouble round here.
  • You look like a troublemaker!
  • You look like a troublemaker, Person.
  • Aren't you one of those strange folk I've heard talk of?
  • Stay away from the Shire, Person.
  • Stay out of the Shire!
  • I shan't be lending you any of my pipe-weed!
  • We don't take kindly to folk like you.
  • You're not a nice fellow, Person.
  • There's talk of strange folk round here. Might you be one of them?
  • If you'll be begging my pardon, you make me feel uncomfortable.
  • You're one for the Mewlips, Person!
  • I knew you queer old Big Folk were trouble!
  • We don't appreciate folk like you in the Shire.
  • The Shire is no place for troublemakers like you!
  • You'd better leave the Shire, Person, or I'll call the Shirriffs!
  • I've seen strange folk lurking around these parts, and you remind me of one of them. I don't trust you.
  • Get off my land!
  • Get off my land, Person!
  • My pitchfork is pointy enough to make you think twice about returning to the Shire!
  • Don't try any of your Big Folk tricks on me!
  • Don't try any of your Big Folk tricks on me, Person!
  • May you never savour Longbottom Leaf again!
  • I knew I couldn't trust you. Your feet are too small!
  • The Shire has been peaceful for hundreds of years and I daresay you'll regret changing that!
  • The Green Dragon will never serve you!
  • Leave me in peace!
  • Leave me in peace, Person!
  • My cousin owns some very large dogs. You don't want to meet them, do you?
  • Interrupter of the peace!
  • Stop! Troublemaker!
  • Old Bullroarer would knock you down a hole or two!
  • Stay away from my potatoes!
  • The Shirriffs will see to you, Person!
  • The wolf that one hears is worse than the Orc that one fears. But get between a Hobbit and their peace...
  • Only a fool would interrupt my mealtimes!
  • Second breakfast would be too good for you, Person!
  • Go back over the hedge!
  • Strange folk meet strange ends!
  • Don't make me fetch my scythe!
  • Go back over the hedge, Person!
  • You may be taller than me, Person. But you're greater in no other way!
  • A troublemaker I see? The Shire only welcomes Hobbits! Begone!
  • Folk like you should have been given a good drownding!
  • You must be one of those ne'er-do-wells I keep hearing talk of!
  • We in the Shire don't take kindly to ne'er-do-wells like you, Person.
  • Back off!
  • You're a ne'er-do-well if I ever saw one, Person.
  • I don't want no trouble, Person!
  • Now, now, let's not be having no trouble!
  • I don't want no trouble with you, Person.
  • I don't mean no harm, Person, but your kind aren't welcome here.


  • Hello there, mister Person!
  • Am I doing my job well, mister Person?
  • Po-ta-toes! Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew...
  • I ain't been dropping no eaves, mister Person, I swear!
  • We Hobbits of the Shire are the best farmers in all Middle-earth!
  • And how are you today, mister Person?
  • I can't wait to get back to work!
  • A day spent on the fields is a good day indeed, mister Person.
  • It's almost harvest time!
  • I wasn't lollygagging. I'm doing my job, sir!
  • I'm doing my duty!
  • I can't wait for spring to come!
  • Harvest time is coming soon!
  • What can I do for you, Person?
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