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Hobbit houses are small cottages found in the Shire. They house the less wealthy Hobbits, more wealthy Hobbits live in their smials. Unlike the richer ones, the folk in the houses don't have their names on them, nor do they put up funny signs.

The houses are made of bricks, wood and wattle and daub. The flat roof is made of thatch.

They are inhabited by two married Hobbits and sometimes their children or other Hobbits that pay a visit to their neighbours.

They contain two chests (a double chest in the kitchen area and a single chest in the office), a barrel which can contain drinks such as cherry liqueur, cider, perry, or ale, and two beds, amongst other furniture, like a normal and a Hobbit crafting table.

The chests' contents are similar to those found in smials - the office chest contains items like books, compasses, and ink, while in the kitchen the double chest contains foodstuffs.

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NPCs: Hobbit (Farmhand, Bounder)
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Items: Leather HatMarriage RingPebblePipeSling
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