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Hobbit Marriage Rings are items acquired by trading with Hobbit bartenders. The only other way to obtain them is less elegant: they are a rare drop upon the death of a married hobbit.

These rings are used to perform Hobbit marriages. Note that two rings are needed to successfully marry two Hobbits (must be of opposite gender).

Hobbit Marriage[]

The player first needs to have +100 alignment with the Hobbits. Then, all the player needs to do is to right-click on two Hobbits of opposite gender, to give them each a ring and if the hobbits are close enough then they will show hearts and marry. Hobbits with the same surname cannot be married. When the marriage is successful, the player gains +10 alignment (+5 for each Hobbit) points for the Hobbit faction. In addition, the player gains the achievement "Master of Ceremonies".

A Hobbit that is already married will always wear his/her marriage ring. The pair of adult Hobbits that live in a smial together will always be married and sometimes have kids.

The other marriage ring that the player can use is the Dwarven Marriage Ring used to perform Dwarven marriages.


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