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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

But close under the cliff there stood, still strong and living, two tall trees, larger than any trees of holly that Frodo had ever seen or imagined.

–A Journey in the Dark, The Fellowship of the Ring

The Holly Tree is a tall, decorative tree with dark green leaves and red berries (although they cannot be picked) which is found exclusively in the Eregion biome, for which that land is named.


Found only in the fallen Elven realm of Eregion. The leaves of this tree are used for decoration, especially at Christmas.


Holly tree leaves have the usual chance to drop Holly tree saplings just like any other tree, and can be planted accordingly.

Their 2x2 variants can be harvested for over a stack of wood, making them a useful source of one of the fundamental resources in the game.

Growing large variant[]

They can be grown in their large form by planting four holly saplings in a square, and then either waiting for it to grow or using bone meal. The result is a tree with a trunk size of 2x2 blocks.

A large holly tree.


The raw wood can be crafted into planks, slabs, stairs, and fences. The planks are a very light tannish-grey in colour, lighter even then Birch trees.

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