The Huorn Leaf, contrary to its name, is not harvested off huorns (breaking the leaves of a huorn is impossible). Rather, it is a plant that can be found growing on the forest floor of Fangorn.

The Huorn Leaf is used to create golden Ent Draught, which can be used to hire huorns (by right-clicking saplings with Ent Draught in hand) and summoning them when needed (by drinking the Ent Draught).

For more information on huorns and how to hire them, go to this page.

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Huorn Leaf plants.

The plant is renewable as it will occasionally grow when bonemeal is used in Fangorn.

Some might call it a waste, but this flower can also be used in a regular crafting table or the player's inventory to create yellow dye, alike to other mod flowers.

vanilla crafting recipe
Huorn Leaf

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