But go specially to my cousin Dain in the Iron Hills, for he has many people well-armed, and dwells nearest to this place.

The Hobbit, The Gathering of The Clouds

The Iron Hills (Emyn Engrin), are one of the few remaining homes of the Dwarves of Durin's Folk, the Longbeards, after the fall of Khazad-Dûm (Moria), Mount Gundabad, Erebor and the Grey Mountains. The name comes from the high iron ore deposits lying in the earth. Dáin II Ironfoot enjoyed kingship of the Iron Hills until Erebor was reconquered.

This is a good place for Dwarven-aligned players, as it contains many types of Dwarves (including Dwarf miners and smiths), excellent mining opportunities, the rare Dwarfwort flower, and enemies to get alignment from.

As the name would suggest, the Iron Hills contain more quantities of iron and other ores than most other places. It is also the only other place, besides the Blue Mountains, Erebor, the Misty Mountains, and the Red Mountains, where glowstone ore generates, making it possible for players to get glowstone in survival without having to travel back to the Overworld, and from there to the Nether.

Upon entering the Iron Hills, the player earns the achievement "Durin's Folk".


The entire Iron Hills biome is a Mountains biome with the following variants:

  • Standard - Normal Iron Hills mountaineous biome.
  • Forest - Forests of evergreen trees that grow in these northerly hills.
  • Light Forest - Lightly forested version of the Iron Hills.

The altitude differences can be very large over short distances, making the Iron Hills an area that may be difficult to traverse. High peaks with steep slopes and many lakes dominate the rugged landscape.


The Iron Hills contain four Dwarven structures.


As home of the Dwarves, you will likely find Dwarves here. Beware, at night or in dark places, Gundabad Orcs and Wargs can also spawn. Boars are common here.

Mining Edit

The Iron Hills are a great region for mining. This biome contains more iron, coal, copper, tin, sulfur, and nitre ores than anywhere else in Middle-Earth, with the exception being the Red Mountains. In addition, this biome is one of the only five (the Iron Hills, the Red Mountains, Erebor, the Misty Mountains, and the Blue Mountains) that contain glowstone ore.


The arboreal forests in Iron Hills are dominated by evergreen species. The most common is spruce, but fir and pine also flourish. While there is a lower snow line than most realms, it does not affect plant growth. The dominant presence of Wild Boars suggest the mossy soils hide very nourishing secrets from any untrained nose.

There are some flowers in the Iron Hills. The Iron Hills contain dandelions, roses, and blue orchids; flowers that grow in most Dwarvish regions. In addition, the Dwarfwort flower grows only in the Iron Hills, Erebor, and Blue Mountains. Dwarfwort is important for the brewing of Dwarven drinks, such as Dwarven ale and Dwarven tonic, and is less common than other plants. There is average grass and flower growth here, with the exception of the previously mentioned Dwarfwort plant.

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