The Jazz Elves are an Easter Egg added in Public Beta 29. They can only be spawned using the following command (note that any type of Elf can be summoned in this way, not just High Elves):

/lotr_summon lotr.HighElf ~ ~ ~ {BoopBoopBaDoop:1}


A jazz elf resembles a normal elf, but it wears a black suit and will sometimes don dark sunglasses. Every now and then, they will pull out their famous saxophones and play cool jazz. When this happens, their skin and hair will change colours rapidly and musical notes will appear around them. Their famous saxes are most likely retextured bows.


A jazz elf won't mind good players or NPC's, but will attack anything evil with their bare hands, and shoot arrows out of the saxophones. They have the speech and quest bank of a normal elf (depends on how you summon it), and may be spoken to by players. Every now and then, a Jazz Elf will pull out its saxophone and spin while releasing musical notes.

They despawn pretty quickly so it is best to take a mini quest as soon as you see one.

As of Beta 34, they will actually play a piece of music when the player is around. Similar as when playing Vanilla music discs, the text "The Galadhon Groovers - Funky Villagers" will appear on screen and the jazz starts.





  • Like most Easter Eggs, the jazz elves were not announced in the changelog.
  • They appear to all play alto.
  • Jazz elves were originally shown in the video to the right.
  • The command can summon any type of elf and needs to include BoopBoopBaDoop:1 in the data tag.
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