Jungle mud can be found throughout the Jungles of Far Harad. Jungle grass will grow and spread on this, similar to normal grass on normal dirt. Check the category page for more types of dirt.

Jungle grass will spread to adjacent vanilla dirt blocks as regular grass (and vice versa), but you cannot create Elvengrass from jungle grass blocks.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The mud looks a lot like quagmire (see below), but is a darker shade of brown. The grass on it has a different structure and colour compared to normal grass, being significantly more luxuriant as a result of the tropical climate.

Naturally found jungle mud (background), for comparison placed quagmire (left) and dirt (right)

Uses[edit | edit source]

Jungle mud can be used to create bricks, which can be crafted using four jungle mud blocks, on a vanilla crafting table. It also can be hoed into farmland for growing crops and placed for decoration purposes. It should be noted that melon blocks cannot grow from melon vines onto this block. One must use vanilla dirt for this purpose.

Slabs[edit | edit source]

As of Public Beta 29, slabs are used to create smoother roads, and it's also possible to create them, using a vanilla crafting table and the standard slab recipe:

vanilla crafting recipe
Jungle Mud
Jungle Mud
Jungle Mud
Jungle Mud Slab

Spawning in Generated Structures[edit | edit source]

This block can also spawn naturally in the following structures:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As normal grass blocks cannot be obtained by placing vanilla dirt next to jungle grass, creation of an Elven portal is not as easy in the jungle as in other biomes. But, as of Public Beta 28, the Mod introduced the conversion of vanilla dirt to vanilla grass blocks by right clicking them with grass seeds. Vanilla dirt is available in the underhome of the jungle. So as of that update, the Taurethrim only have to get to Lindon or Lothlórien to mine some Edhelmir and they no longer also need a silk touch pickaxe to get grass blocks. This was removed in Public Beta 33 in favor of just having jungle grass and regular grass spread to both dirt and mud.
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