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The Jungle Remedy, also known as the Taurethrim Cure, was added in the Public Beta 25 update. There is no crafting or brewing recipe for this and can only be obtained from the Taurethrim Shaman (through trade). The Taurethrim use it to cure illnesses and counteract the poison of jungle scorpions.


The Jungle Remedy is similar to milk, as it is used to remove status effects. However, it is better because of the fact that it only removes negative status effects, which means you can drink some Dwarven Tonic and not become nauseous from it. However, you can get milk from cows in a cheaper or easier way, but since the Taurethrim don't have cows in the jungle (or in Far Harad at all), they use their own traditional remedies made from plants of the jungle. They sell for about 15-24 silver coins.

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