A Jungle Scorpion is an arthropod that spawns in the jungles of Far Harad. It's similar to the desert scorpion, but generally larger and of a different colour, all the more effective to camouflage them in the dense jungle foliage.


Jungle scorpions spawn in the Far Harad Jungle and the Far Harad cloud forest in dark places or at night.


Jungle scorpions will attack anything that moves. Just like spiders, the larger the scorpion, the more damage it deals and the more health it has - but, large scorpions also move slower than their smaller counterparts. In addition, their standard melee attack poisons their target, slowly causing damage over time and making it vulnerable for the next fight.


Currently, rotten flesh (Rotten Flesh) is its only drop. You can extract poison from it while it's still alive by right clicking with a glass bottle. This can be used to make poisoned daggers and arrows, or to poison drinks.

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