The Kanuka Forest is a biome in the region of Far Harad, located south of the Mangroves and north of the Bushland, close to the coast. It is lightly forested region dominated by Kanuka trees. The biome is devoid of civilization, and no known inhabitants are planned. The biome is relatively flat, outside of hill variants, and no other tree types can be found here.

Despite the lack of any faction presence here, the Kanuka Forest is covered by winding mud paths, with no known purpose and no set generation. Who built these paths and why is unknown, as is whether they will have any future purpose in the mod.

Variants Edit

  • Hills - A hillier variant of the biome.
  • Flowers - A variant with more flowers than usual.
  • Forest light - Despite its name, this forest variant is actually denser than the normal variant.

Structures Edit


An example map of the mud paths.

The Kanuka Forest has no naturally-generating structures, as no faction has any presence here. However, the biome is nonetheless covered by a strange pattern of jungle mud paths, which generate randomly. This may make travel in denser parts of the forest easier, but since the paths are not straight lines, they also make it very easy to get lost is you're not careful. Who made the paths and what purpose they serve in the mod is unknown.

Mobs Edit

The same set of animals that can be found in the Far Harad Grasslands can be found here. No NPCs spawn in this biome.

  • Crocodile - Hostile mobs who live in the water and can also be on land. They are ferocious beasts. In daylight, they are quite slow, but a night, they are fast. They can swim faster than the player.
  • Dik-dik - Small, passive mobs, that flee the player on sight.
  • Flamingo - Large, passive birds that live in Far Harad.
  • Gemsbok - Passive antelope like mobs. Their hide makes very nice looking armour.
  • Giraffe - Passive mobs native to Far Harad.
  • Lion - Lions are dangerous hunters. They are neutral (they only fight back, if you attack.)
  • Lioness - Female lions.
  • Rhino - Rideable mobs that can charge into battle. They are neutral.
  • Zebra - Rideable mobs found in Far Harad. They are very similar to horses.

Vegetation Edit

The only trees that grow here are the Kanuka trees, which are very common and exclusive to this biome. In addition, ferns and grasses are a common sight among the underbrush. Some Harad flowers also appear here, especially in the flower variant of the biome.

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