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Kebab is a food item added in Public Beta 27, and was highly anticipated by fans. It provides 8 ( 8 ) hunger points and can be bought from Near Harad Bartenders.

Upon taking a kebab or a shish kebab from a kebab stand, the player earns the achievement "Friendly Kebab Chef" as well as the title "Kebab".


In order to create Kebab one must obtain a Kebab stand, which is then placed on top of any type of furnace-like devices. Then you must take any type of raw meat and right click on the Kebab stand, put a combustible material in the furnace and watch your Kebab cook. For more details please refer to the Kebab stand page.

Nothing better than cooking kebab at dawn in the Red Mountains.

Shish Kebab[]

As of Public Beta 27.1, instead of eating your Kebabs with your hands, you can put them on a stick, thus making Shish Kebabs. The crafting recipe involves one stick and two Kebabs, put on a diagonal line, on a Near Harad crafting table, yielding two Shish Kebabs. One Shish Kebab also restores 8 ( 8 ) hunger points, so there's not much lost and not much gained by doing this, besides keeping your fingers clean and losing a stick.

Any Haradric crafting recipe
Any Haradric Crafting
any stick
Shish Kebab

Increasing food content[]

As some meat heals less than 8 ( 8 ) hunger points in its cooked state (chicken (6), rabbit (6), zebra (6) and rhino (7)), you can increase the food content of those, by kebabbing them instead of roasting them the normal way. The numbers in brackets denote the food content of the cooked variant. Kebab heals always 8 hunger points, no matter what it is made of.

Basic description of the Kebab[]

Kebab (also American kabob) is a term in English for several types of food. The word originated in the Middle-east and is also common in other languages worldwide, with numerous spellings and variants. It has different definitions in different varieties of English, and in different cultures.

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