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The wild kine that were still to be found near the Sea of Rhûn were said in legend to be descended from the Kine of Araw, the huntsman of the Valar, who alone of the Valar came often to Middle-earth in the Elder Days. Oromë is the High-elven form of his name.

–Appendix A, The Return of the King

The Kine of Araw are massive bovine animals that live in Rhúdel and Dorwinion. They are particularly prosperous in the Emyn Winion.

They are famous for their enormous horns and deadly trample. Upon death, they provide beef and leather and their horns can be stripped from their massive skulls.


They roam the chalky grasslands of Dorwinion and Rhúdel in herds of around 4 animals. In the inhabited Dorwinion main lands their occurrence is about 40% of that of the horses found there. Their occurrence on the Emyn Winion however, is 4 times as high. Small herds can also be encountered in neighbouring Wilderland, but the occurence in that vast region is smaller.

Curious family of huge bovines ... doesn't feel quite comfortable despite the cuteness.


These creatures will passively wander through their habitat, in herds of up to four animals. If provoked they will charge their attacker and use their massive shoulders and horns to cause massive knockback and damage. They can be lured and fed with wheat, which makes them have very happy feelings about their provider. Bringing two of those happy creatures together, provided they're of different gender, instantly leads to reproductive behaviour and big baby bovines.


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Raw Beef Always 2-4 RawBeef.png
Leather Always 2-4 Leather.png
Horn Always 0-2 KineArawHorn.png


  • These Kine are believed to have been descended from the cattle of none other than the Vala Oromë the Hunter, whose Sindarin name was Araw. This name is actually spelled in Sindarin as Romen-Ure in Tengwar, meaning that it is pronounced to rhyme with "Cow".
  • These beasts were also once the quarry of Vorondil of Gondor, an ancestor of the line of Ruling Stewards of Gondor. After, hunting and finally defeating one such creature beyond the Sea of Rhun, he cut from it a horn, which was then fashioned into the Horn of Gondor. This was later carried by Boromir son of Denethor, until it was broken during his final battle upon Amon Hen.
  • The Kine of Araw were for some time after the release of Public Beta 28 the focus of a very popular meme and in-joke, often with the caption of "So you wanted _____". This is largely because the menacing look that they have.
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