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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

The Kine of Araw horn is an item obtained exclusively by slaying the legendary Kine of Araw.


Currently this item is only obtained as a drop upon death by a Kine of Araw, and is slightly rarer than the beef and leather which is dropped consistently by every Kine.


The horns can be displayed as a trophy of sorts, to show that one has indeed slain mighty Kine of the East.

The horns can also be used to craft ale horns (normal and golden), the Horn of Command, and the Rhûnic Warlord helmet.


  • The Kine of Araw were once the quarry of Vorondil, Steward of Gondor. After hunting and finally defeating one such creature he cut from it a horn, which was then fashioned into the Horn of Gondor. This was later carried by Boromir son of Denethor, until it was broken during his final battle upon Amon Hen.
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  • The Kine of Araw are said to be descended from the cattle of the hunter Oromë, whose Sindarin name is Araw.