The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

This is a page for bugs known to the community, for community reference, and for Mevans to more easily reference when working on the Mod. All Reported Bug threads are in the Trash Bin. NOTICE: Bug reports are to be reported on the forum, NOT here. If it is really a bug, the admins will add it.

NOTE: This page is not up to date. This will be fixed as soon as possible.


These are things that may seem like bugs but actually have no bad effects. If you experience these, you can be reassured that nothing bad will result from it!

  • Game log contains "Broken ore dictionary registration for item.leaves" or something similar: This is because the LOTR mod changes properties of the vanilla leaf block. Although the message looks concerning, it has no effects on the game.

LOTR Mod Bugs[]

  • Some mobs can attack you after death as an invisible entity.
  • Melee damage of LOTR mobs not taken in Peaceful Mode.
  • Issues with the Ring portal becoming invisible.
  • Donkey sounds issues. (What issues?)
  • Spawning/chunk loading glitch after structure spawning.
  • Gondor Tower Guards No Longer Throw Spears.
  • Crash when opening pouch, at first pouch items do not appear. (Could be Fastcraft Or Damage indacators)
  • Ent jars do not fill up in the rain.

Forge Mod Compatibility Issues[]

Buggy map caused by Optifine (and other unidentified issues)

  • Optifine is known to sometimes cause visual issues, use Fastcraft instead to improve performance.
  • Compatibility Warning with Thaumcraft, don't use LOTR armour stands.
  • Bandit spawning crashes with M&B Battlegear 2, don't use this mod.
  • Using Custom NPCs causes you to be unable to access the map and achievements when pressing "L" Not a bug; just reassign keybindings.

Modded Server Issues[]

  • Minecraft crashes, when you try to make a waypoint in protected area
  • Self-set up server, hired unit command menu does not show.
  • Issues with the Ring portal becoming invisible.
  • Pouches sometimes disappear when opening them. Re-appear when re-logged in.
  • LAN servers have alignment issues. Updating of alignment values may require all players except for the server owner to log out and in again. This includes alignment gained both from kills and mini-quests.
  • Dying of fall damage when entering the Pits.
  • See Fast Travel Bugs