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This page is for the official server of the Lord of the Rings mod, owned by the mod team. Other, community-run, servers have their own pages, which can be found here.

The LOTR Mod Official Server is a server focused on showcasing the base experience of the mod in survival mode, with no added other mods or command features. It has many players, rulers, alliances and cities.

Here is the link to the corresponding facebook site. Aidansebastian has made an awesome trailer video for this server. Thank you for that. The trailer video might be a bit outdated since the last world reset. Try it out and check what's left and what's new.


The best place to see server news is on the official server's Discord (see below).

Rules of the Server

There are lots of rules on the server; we know rules; we have the best rules. Please click this link to read our rules.


The server has its own Discord. Please be warned that if you break the Discord rules there you will be banned from the server as well.

Players online

Check this link to see who's online just now.

Factions and Rulers

Most of the regions of Middle Earth are already taken on the server and ruled by different Lords and Ladies. The following list is sorted in alphabetical order and shows a current list of the rulers of the server:
For a complete list of server Factions go on the "Official LOTRmod Server Player Wiki"! The list on here NEVER gets updated

List of Factions and Rulers

Faction Ruler
(former name)
Angmar Banner.PNG


Angmar is the stronghold of the Angmar Witch King and the northern forces of orcs. It was ruled by Zorik_Deathblade until he left the server it is now ruled by Faylynn.
Easterling Banner.png
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Banner.PNG
SquatchThunder The Blue Moutains (Ered Luin), in the north west, are ruled by SquatchThunder. He owns and lives at Belegost. They are allied with the Rangers of the North and all other parts of the Dwarven House.
Dol Amroth
Dol Amroth Banner.PNG
Jointgread The Swan Knights of Dol Amroth are an independent nation under Prince TimothySean. They reside on the penniusula of Dor-En-Ernil. Although they currently do not control the city of Edhellond, they control the entire penninsula of Dor-En-Ernil and the area surrounding Pinnath Gelin. The faction was founded by Vellisar and built up initially by him, WinterCoop, and Imrazor_. Later, Vellisar abdicated the throne to Imrazor_ who continued the struggle for independance. In February of 2018, the former Principality of Dol Amroth became the Independent faction of Dol Amroth that was started during the reign of Imrazor_. On the 5th of July 2019, Dol Amroth and Gondor ratified the Alliance of Nimloth, which swore a close and everlasting alliance between the two factions, and resolved territorial disputes on the penninsula of Dor-En-Ernil and in Pinnath Gelin. The two factions would later go on to sign the Union of Nimloth, which officialy started the period of reunification, while still keeping Dol Amroth and Gondor as two seperate factions. On the 1st of March 2020, Galador_Vituri stepped down as the 3rd Prince of Dol Amroth, and TimothySean ascended to the throne.
Dol Guldur
Dol Guldur Banner.PNG
Mackyykcam Dol Guldur is in the Southern part of Mirkwood Corrupted. Khamul's Hill of Sorcery is the main source of where this evil dwells and is located South of the FT point at the end of a gravel path. East of there you will find one of the most evil locations in ME, Lord_Witch_King's Dark Tower of Sorcery. It is here where you may find Dol Guldur's Witch King himself dwelling in the corrupt land he has claimed. crazykid543 was the ruler after them but after his disappearance TheKrimsonWolf made a grab for the throne and was king. But after a very short amount of time Lord_Witch_King and crazykid543 returned and both were fighting for the throne. In the end TheKrimsonWolf and crazykid543 and their followers decided to support Lord_Witch_King and he succeeded in reclaiming the throne and is now co-ruler with LordKhamul. The_Overlord, Freakypumpkin and Purity22 all held the office of leadership over the next few years, before it passed to ERCJman. ERCJman brought new life to the faction, and in his reign the faction grew to a very healthy player count, though he couldn’t rule forever. On the 18th of August 2020, ERCJman resigned and passed his leadership onto Adamoy and AP. These two redesigned the faction in a way not done prior, and brought new players and an economy Dol Guldur had never seen. On March 13 2021, Adamoy and AP stepped down and the leadership position was left in Archangel. A month later Archangel gave the faction to LordLOL1 and he served for 4 months. After Adamoy and AP left the faction the activity fell, and soon it was mostly just the leader left to his own devices. On August 6th, 2021, LordLOL1 disappeared, and Mackyykcam took to the throne of Dol Guldur where the crown resides now.
Dunland Banner.PNG
fearrippers (dwarf)
TEDisLAME (dwarf)
Dunland is located west of the south end of the Misty Mountains. Rebel King ThaMarauder is hoping to claim the wild Dunlending for his own and to lead them himself, possibly against the old forces of Evil_Mogwai. He is rumored to have set up base in the north. After a long time the Dwarves of Khazad-dum annexed Dunland and now the dwarves fearrippers and TEDisLAME are now the rulers of Dunland in name of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Since then, the Uruk The_Haze of Isengard has taken over as the warchief of Dunland. Since july 12 2016 Telemmaite is warchief of dunland
Dorwinion Banner.PNG
Easterlings of Rhûn
Rhudaur Banner.PNG
More info can be found here.
Dwarf Banner.png
Bofur_The_Dwarf The Lonely Mountain in the north of Wilderland was ruled by connor7boss, until the project was handed over to Mathyas57. Erebor was then given to Thorin_The_King. Those left in Erebor are allied with the Rangers of the North and all members of the Dwarven House. Erebor consists of the Lonely Mountain and the Gate of Erebor.
High Elf Banner.PNG
Read more here Information about the High-Elves will not be updated on this page. You can read more about the High-Elves on the "Player-Wiki" if you're interested. Everything is up-to-date there.
Fangorn Banner.png
internet_miners (Bat, CaptCaptain) The forests of Fangorn are ruled by the High-Elf internet_miners, the admin known as Bat, and his second in command is the Ent XTeaspoonX. His rule is currently uncontested and XTeaspoonX is making him a throne carved into a large Fangorn tree, connected to similar trees, some large jungle trees and Mallorn trees. It has been remarked as resembling the Ewok treetop village from Star Wars.
Gondor Banner.PNG
scarykiwi The first King of Gondor was TheSmileBC, who was formerly known as Arantoer_II, he was the builder of Minas Tirith, capital of Godndor. TheSmileBC has retired and is not a member of Gondor anymore. The King of Gondor after Arantoer_II was King_Elendil, builder of Osgilliath.

King_Elendil has also retired, and is now lord (to be confirmed). Bearclaw13 was head of all Rangers, and the builder of Taure Tal. It is the city of the Rangers. After Elendil, Zhatalier took Kingship. After a mostly peaceful reign, he held an election and Atanvarno (King_Elendil) took back the throne. He has united Arnor and Gondor, forming a mighty alliance. After Atanvarno stepped down from being king fireninja8575 became the next king, followed by Liodir, DebtfreeLyfe, tarixxiv and SpeedySC. Currently the Kingdom is ruled by an Inner Council and a Council of Lords. With the coming of Gondhir, the governing system of Gondor changed, and it was decided to turn the government into a triumvirate. During his reign Dol Amroth and Gondor officialy signed the Union of Nimloth, which was the beginning of the era of reunification and return of the king. As such, Gondhir became the first king of the reunited Kingdom of Gondor. Following the abdication of Gondhir, the honourable steward Prof_Aronnax was named king and ascended to the throne. You can read more about Gondor on TOS here:

Grey Mountains
Dwarf Banner.png
VetusGeneral The grey mountains are filled with treacherous dangers. Ranging from the cold drakes and fire dragons to the ever lasting hordes of orcs. The grey mountains are one of the northern most biomes. Currently being built, is the city of Dain's Halls, a long lost stronghold to the dwarven people. Aidansebastian is also head of the Dwarven Dragonslayers, a mighty group of dwarves who are hellbent on eliminating the dragon and drake menace in the north. The current king is SmexySmit.
Gundabad Banner.PNG
Gundabad is seperated into multiple clans ruled by fearsome war chiefs. SirWilsonGS and Grievous1138 rule the Southern Mountain Clan from Mount Caradhras in the Misty Mountains. Iluvatars_Bane rules the Northern Mountain Clan from Mt. Gundabad. Sir_AKJK rules the Lone-Lands and the western spur of the Misties from Mount Gram. helper1318 rules the Clan of the Northern Passes. Gundabad welcomes all Orcs that wish to join. Gundabad is allied with Dol Guldur, Isengard, Angmar, and Mordor. The leader of Gundabad was bubberet who ruled from an orc outpost at Mt. Gundabad. After a war on the faction conducted by the Rangers of the North and the Dwarven House, Gundabad was seemingly destroyed and the Dwarves reclaimed the mountain to build their holy city. The second dynasty of Gundabad started when SirWilsonGS declared himself the leader and created a mighty stronghold at Mt. Caradhras, the mightiest peak in the Misty Mountains. SirWilsonGS was also able to reclaim part of Mt. Gundabad for orcs. When SirWilsonGS ventured off on a great pilgrimage around Middle Earth Iluvatars_Bane, a mighty orc warlord from Angmar, took up the position as the leader of Gundabad and started rebuilding Mt. Gundabad once again. Gundabad is now growing at an exciting rate, ready to take on any faction who stands in their way.
Half-troll Banner.PNG
Zesheir The home of the Half Trolls was ruled by Glaerdir, the only known member, who used to be High King of Lindon before getting corrupted by evil influences.

Glaerdir has now died and the faction is thus leaderless. But recently a man named Demon_26 has claimed lordship over Pertorogwaith. With the help of his son, Scrubor, they hope to rise the Half-Trolls to immeasurable glory. Recently Scrubor has betrayed his father and thus been exiled from Pertorogwaith. The Half-trolls are now led by Half_troll_king.

Hobbit Banner.png
Wollibo The faction of the Hobbits is a friendly little family of jovial and good-natured players. We prefer a peaceful playing style with building our holes and houses, working the land, raising livestock, drinking ale in our taverns or just chilling, smoking pipes and doing serious party business. Also we try to build and improve the many waypoints in the Shire and to clear up the rubbish that a lot of players left behind after joining the server at spawn in the middle of our land. The faction is part of the good folks of free people, but we don’t take part in the great politics or wars. Still we won’t retreat if shadow would come up. Beside this, we Hobbit players are always ready to start an unexpected journey or adventure beyond our borders. Current faction leader is Wollibo, a fool of a Took and Thain of the Shire. If you like a cozy time at the server, think about joining our faction, you are welcome!
Iron Hills
Dwarf Banner.PNG
JenkinsKUH The Iron Hills are ruled by LlianB. They are allied with the Rangers of the North and are allied with the great forests of the Fangorn. The Iron Hills separate Wilderland and Rhun from the tundra in the north.
Easterling Banner.png
Kingdom of Anduin KingArthurtz The Kingdom of Anduin owns all of Anduin exept the Gladden-Fields. They wish no quarrel with good players however, they recognize that sometimes argument is necessary for satisfactory solutions.
Kingdom of Khazad-dum
Dwarf Banner.png
SpoangityBob Khazad-dûm (Dwarven Kingdom of Moria) is being rebuilt and ruled by SpoangityBob of Durin's Folk. They own a big fortress at West Gate in Eregion on the edge of the Misty Mountains from where they try to dig through to the eastern rim. They also own a fortress at the East Gate (Azanulbizar aka Dimrill Dale) and they also annexed Dunland. Moria is allied with the Rangers of the North. They are also a part of the Dwarven House and are in an alliance with all other dwarves in the house.
Kingdom of Dale and Rhovanion
Dale Banner.PNG
EinRollmops Mildly annoyed at the Dwarf owning

some of it's priced real estated.

Republic of Lebennin
Lebennin Banner.PNG


At first, this faction was created by a small coalition of city-estates that seceded from Gondor due to discrepancies on the way the server should be played; but over time this small republic has grown considerably claiming most of Lebennin's territory for its own and generally playing casually and building. The faction has sworn neutrality for all Middle Earth, but its relations with Gondor have shifted from war to alliance many times. Always welcoming everyone, all the information about them is constantly updated here.
High Elf Banner.PNG
Read more here


Information about the High-Elves will not be updated on this page. You can read more about the High-Elves on the "Player-Wiki" if you're interested. Everything is up-to-date there.
Galadhrim Banner.PNG
Orchidcube Celleborn left looking for a new life leaving his steward TomBombadil66017 (Galadriel) in charge of all Lothlorien with Cookminers as steward to Tom. After the reign of Cookminers as Lord, Celleborn (FranklinSmart) became ruler. Soon after, Orchidcube joined him to rule by his side as Queen and second-in-command. She officially took over as ruler when Celleborn left the server to pursue greater aspirations.
Mordor Banner.PNG
HarrMac Mordor was ruled by 13_BigNOOB_37. He gained rights to the land in an election that was posted on the Official Server's Facebook page. cooldude074 has tried to lay claim to Mordor as well but has had no official election or poll to prove his lordship. He has resigned to owning and building Barad-dur. ItsSecret was later determined Dark Lord of all Mordor after some border disputes with the previous Overlord. He now rules in undisputed power and prepares the legions of the Black Land to defend or attack. Later, after a civil war and outside interference, Morishi took the throne of Mordor. He lead the kingdom to new heights, however he was very recently banned for theft, along with his second in command and heir Rogue_FireWolf. After a long time of the black lands laying dormant, Aidansebastian (Sauron) and BDdeuce (Witch-King) took kinship (in that order) and are working to restore Mordor to a force of great power once again. Since then, BDdeuce has had to step down as ruler. This lead to Rumil becoming Queen of Mordor.
Moredain Banner.PNG
Nyotah At first the Moredain lived as independent and isolated tribal communities. This changed when Razum_Dar fled from Near Harad to the Moredain and became their high chieftain. During his rule the Moredain was united and they were growing quickly but one day Razum_Dar vanished (banned) and the Moredain became leaderless again. Soon gestgeorge123 and Gyldencat allied together sacked Razum_Dar's city and the Moredain was split into 2. The arid Savannah ruled by gestgeorge123 and the Savannah ruled by Glydencat. After gestgeorge123 was killed by angry Gondorians, Glydencat annexed gestgeorge's kingdom and united the Moredain once more. Later the Moredain under Glydencat joined the Astrasi Empire and Glydencat became the Viper of the Moredain until he retired. Zuperned became the ruler after Kingopai1.
Near Harad
Near Harad Banner.PNG
Herodain After Karseius II transformed Near Harad into a monarchy of multiple independant states, the rule of the continent was divided between the five Serpents of Harad. Each Serpent is lord of his own city which is considered an independant sub-faction (the whole of Near Harad existing out of sub-factions). The Serpents are; Karseius (Ain-Al-Harad); Shamiir (Atjiaz-Al-Harad); Skilliar (Gulf Fortress); Get_Wrekt (Haradwaith-Al-Harad); and denniskolin (Poros). Karseius has took up the mantle of Serpent Lord, and sole ruler of The Astrasi Empire (Near Harad) once more. After Karseius stepped down as Serpentlord, shamiir became the new ruler of The Astrasi Empire as Serpentlordess.
Rangers of the North
Ranger Banner.png
aartpaard Hell_Metallicus, first chieftain of the Rangers of the North, ruled this land from Fornost. Elendil_The_Tall is his Second-in-command. They are allied with the Dwarven Kingdoms, as well as the elven realm of Lindon. The High Kingdom of Arnor is currently ruled from The Royal Court at Annúminas. It is commonly regarded as one of the largest and most powerful nations in middle earth. Elendil_The_Tall is currently the High King of Arnor and the Fallen Kingdom has undergone a transformation, resulting in every waypoint in Arnor being built according to lore. You can read more updated information about Arnor and all of TOS's middle earth here.
Red Mountains (Orocarni) Wille912 Wille912 is the current king of the Red Dwarves and their mountains. He is the leader of the Ironfist clan but also all the other clans. He is the oldest red dwarf on the server. He Rules the Red Mountains from his capital city named Khazad-Azgal. The construction of Bukenzhâg and the location of Mouth of Abôl claimed.
Forodren Gwaith
Ranger Banner.PNG


Tauredain Banner.PNG
julianroma The Tauredain are a generally newer faction, and are wereruled by LordEnedar, who took rule by declaration and order of Mevans. The Tauredain's chief military fortresses will be located on (name withheld) and the (geographical feature withheld) south of it. Celleborn was the former steward of the Tauredain under Enedar, and joined after much much much convincing done by Enedar, Celleborn took this position, though he is still lord of Eryn Vorn. In return, Enedar joined his faction of assassins and came to his house. The Tauredain's main and chief ally is the NorthShire Republic, and the two factions are known for jointly attacking the Moredain, Haradrim, Cerinrim, and Limwaith. Another ally is Gundabad, although this is just due to their support of the Tauredain. LordEnedar has met many men, elves, hobbits, and orcs from many factions, and allied with them also, although he is not a friend of elves as of recent. The Tauredain's head of executives currently include LordEnedar, Celleborn, tterrag1112, and JamesTurpin. The Tauredain's religion is Taurianea, and the trees are sacred. The Tauredain also lay claim to the Far Harad Cloud Forest, and will expand upon the creation of the people of the Tauredain. Since the mysterious disappearance of LordEnedar, the Tauredain War-Chief Minecraft_forevr took his place as leader of the men of the jungle. After a long and glorious ruling, MCF stepped down as the First Chieftain of the Tauredain, giving the title of Second Chieftain to Julianroma
The Corsairs of Nawfal Master_Treebeard When Kvesir refused all talks of peace during the Númenórean-Umbar War some of his corsairs started to sympathize with the Númenórean cause. After watching so many people die because of Kvesir's stubbornness these corsairs deserted and fled north, to the Bay of Belfalas. Completely independent, the corsairs started to build their home. Built of almost every type of brick and stone the fortress of Sufyan-Na'man-Nawfal rose (Using Haradrim names this means, Rock Blood and Sea.) and so, the Cosairs of the Nawfal (Sea) were founded. Since then, the Corsairs have begun trading with the Númenóreans and vowed to never return to their bloody dark ways.
The Riders of Rohan
Rohan Banner.PNG
BirgenSpl Rohan, the home of the horse lords, in the center of middle earth, is ruled by Icefrone. Under Mewarmy, the Rohan rebellion was over and Rohirrims were reunited. Rohan avoided civil war. Rebels, Eomer_ and Elizaer were planning a better future for Rohan with King Mewarmy, who gave Eomer and Elizaer their titles back with some changes.

After the banning of many of the Rohirrim, including King Mewarmy, Icefrone was crowned the new King of Rohan. Mewarmy is now unbanned and is the king of Rohan again. Click here to see more.

Umbar Banner.PNG
SpeedySC Umbar was ruled once under faithful numenorean jurisdiction on the server being lead by Thain_Vibiras, but were ultimately forced by the Astrasi empire. Now Umbar is the one true Kingsmen nation united under the Umbar banner. Umbar is an integral part of the Astrasi, as it is a port nation. Capital is the city of Umbar, that is under construction.
Uruk Banner.PNG
Oreo365 The opped SpadeCompany is the undisputed owner of Isengard. He is currently building the tower of Orthanc in the newly revamped Nan Curunir biome. He was given ownership of the build and its faction by the opped old owner Joetatoe, who faithfully served the faction for years. Isengard is in the south-east corner of Enedwaith near the Misty Mountains.
Easterling Banner.png
Woodland Realm
Wood-Elf Banner.PNG
TheBlueTrickster The Realm of the Woodland King was first ruled by the admin Emperor_Raphael, but the crown has now been handed down to his second in command Faelon (formerly: Xenphir). Since his time on the server, he has appointed a few new members that help aid him in the building of Taurlond, the Capitol of Mirkwood, these players are most notably Xenphir and MotherSchwarz (formerly known as BlueTheTrickster). The fifth and actual Queen of the Woodland Realm recently ascended to the crown after Faelon took off to his own secret project somewhere in the south.

PS. ArinHolmes and ElfKingAnte are current rulers, we just didn't want to edit this

Arbiter is now the primary ruler after Ante stepped down and Arodas is semi active but has ceded most management to Arbiter for the time being.

Obsolete and Inactive Factions

Faction Ruler
(former name)
Galdhrim Cookminers The Galdhrim faction was founded on 22 November, 2015 by Cookminers. All elves of any heritage are welcomed to this faction (they require +50 with any elven faction). Galdhrim is ruled by an Archprince, who is assited by a council. The Galdhrim has claimed Chetwood but they have been unable to contact the Rangers of the North or the Galadhrim to enforce their claims.
Northern Longbeard Dwarves BorinofForochel The Northern Longbeards are the citizens of the Kingdom of Balbûnzudnu and are a subfactionof of Durin's Folk that live Northeast of Ered Luin in Forochel and parts of Western Forodwaith. The kingdom was originally founded by the ancestors of Borin II Silverhand in the year 33 of the S.A. but fell apart in the year 1976, T.A. after they helped King Arvedui of Arnor hide from the Witch King of Angmar. Borin came from Khazad Dum with a small host of Longbeard dwarves to reclaim the ancient halls and mines of their ancestors in year 2992, T.A. and re-established the capital of Zigilgund and the Kingdom of Balbûnzudnu.
The Clans of the Northmen


Remans and additions to the Northshire Republic that was led by James Turpin, this faction is made up of two main Clans: the Tobalson Clan and the Volsung Clan. They live primarily in Forodwaith, but also have settlements in Dunland and the Shire.
The Gladden-Fields Recneps (miner49er876) The Free Peoples of the Land of the Yellow Iris is a faction created by

Recneps in the Gladden Fields. They are currently at peace with Gundabad as Gundabad has many camps in the area, thus making any hostilities unfavorable. The Recneps, or miner49er876, is trying to recruit more members into the faction, as well as flatten land for a huge fortress-city West of the waypoint, so far the flattening is still in progress but is on its way to being complete, this is mostly worked on by Sebrom as Miner just runs around in circles shooting orcs, but more importantly tells Sebrom to keep working and randomly kills Sebrom whenever he gets bored.

The Scourge THBAR The Scourge is a faction founded by Marynmaru on 10/24/2015. These particular CORRUPT Black Numenorians are an evil faction of men known as The Scourge. They turned Dark in the 2nd age to serve Sauron, but estranged away from their kinsman in Umbar and left those lands for Darker shores to preserve an exclusive bloodline and heritage. With a new dark lord on the dark throne, the Scourge now look to their own interests in founding cities and fortifications in secret locations (for now) one such fortress is Fort Ulmaron, so named in mockery of the ocean god. The capital city is being raised on an island of grey rocks by the sea, and shall be named Maelstrom Peak. Their political interests are somewhat unknown at the moment, though In time they are sure to reveal their plans for middle earth. After Marynmaru's ban, THBAR is the new King of Black Waves.

Cities already built or in advanced WIP state

There are a lot of cities and other places already built on the server. All of them are worth the hassle of the long voyage to get there - depending of what you are willing to sacrifice of time or health. The following list is sorted in alphabetical order:
For a much more complete list of the server's builds, go to the "Official LOTRmod Server Player Wiki", and go to each factions' pages where they are listed their builds

Cities already built
City Builder (b)
Ruler (r)
Ain-al-Harad None (Formerly

Karseius b+r)

The captital of Near Harad. The city was build by Karseius, First Serpent Lord of Harad. Afterwards it was given to RookieNinjas (2nd Serpent Lord) and shamiir (3rd Serpent Lord). Since then Karseius II. has returned to Near Harad and continues the city. It is the biggest city in southern Middle-Earth and contains various different buildings. The town is located near the corresponding fast travel point in Near Harad Fertile. It has now been abandoned, and ruined by time and nature. Ain-al-Harad was abandoned once again at the Fall of Karseius II and remains a ruin.
Aironost penguin_palace (r) Built and ruled by Afghan_Kidd, Lord Herenyon. A elven city located on Tol Morwen Island. Elves that live on that island are known as Herenyar. The city is located near the fast travel point Tol Morwen, an island in the far west of middle-earth. After Afghan_Kidd was banned the city became the Property of penguin_palace.
Ang Thol ThunderSC (r+b) Ang Thol, also known as Iron Helm, is a dwarven stronghold built near the West peak of the Iron Hills. This city is ruled by ThunderSC. The build is still in progress but is making major headway. The city is located near the fast travel point West Peak, in the Iron Hills.
Annúminas Elendil_The_Tall (R+B) Annúminas is the capital of The High Kingdom of Arnor, it is located on the banks of lake Evendim, it contains the High court (A colossal castle built on top of a man made mountain), the National Warehouse and Bank as well as many buildings and areas fit for the King.
Belegost Azaghal_79 (r+b) A dwarven city and Capital of the Blue Mountains located in Northern Ered Luin ruled by Azaghal_79. The city is located near the corresponding fast travel point in the northern part of the Blue Mountains.
Bucklebury Nopaosak(b+r) The capital city of Buckland is governed by Nopaosak the Mayor of Bucklebury. Known for its many shops and craftspersons, there is also an extensive farming community as well as the famous ferry across the Brandywine to the Shire. Bucklebury and the surrounding area is kept safe by the Rangers of the North and Combobob the chancellor of Fornost has a meeting place for weary Dunedain near the Old Conker Tree Mill.
Caras Galadhon, The Lore City Orchidcube (b+r)

Agonaj, Akuiu, Carnifindion, Gingilipho, Glaad1234, Glawaron_III, GoldenRobot, Libertymom, PancakePoncho, Scorpion7x, Sinzpet, The_Other, Tojn, Wogleslaw, Yatropy (b)

Lothlórien was the fairest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth during the Third Age.

The New Caras Galadhon (CG) is a lore-based city, commissioned to the High Elves to build, in the day of Cookminers.

Sinzpet painstakingly explored all lore-related material to inspire a lore-friendly build. He then chose the location and built the wall with Libertymom, Glawaron_III, PancakePoncho, The_Other & Orchidcube. Sinzpet also designed the iconic spiral stairs that you see in CG today.

Caras Galadhon, standing in front of the house from the Lord and Lady of Lothlóriën

The overall style of the build was then created by Gingilipho. Significant material donations were made by various individuals and factions.

Located south west of the fast travel point, Caras Galadhon, the build is a sight to behold despite builds under construction.

Dain's Halls aidansebastian (r+b)
Smiturion (b)
Built by aidansebastian and his assistant and thane Smiturion. Located in Ered Mithrin (Grey Mountains.) It is north of the Fast Travel Point Framsburg.
Dol Guldur Khamuls (r+b)
Lord_Witch_King (b)
The old wood elven fort has been corrupted by Sauron's dark powers and is now being rebuilt by mainly Khamuls and Lord_Witch_King, and others who have helped like tchri006 and DolGuldurOfficer. Khamuls will dwell there with other Nazgüls and build an army of the Dol Guldur Witch King's spawn as soon as it is finished.
Edoras Eomer_, mewarmy and _Guthix (r+b) A rohirrim city. Being built right now.
Emyn Arnen Andsnow11(r+b)


2018-11-16 16.37.16.png
One of the regional capitals of Lebennin, Emyn Arnen is the only major settlement the faction has on Ithilien. Even though the area wasnt densely populated, a massive array of fortifications were made in order to defend against the constant orc raiding parties that attacked the Anduin. The main buildings are a set of stray fortresses either defended by Lebennian soldiers or ravaged by war, with a small town guarded west of them under the cover of hills and towers. It is a extremely hostile land and it constantly gives trouble to sustain itself. The builds are located south east of the fast travel waypoint.
Erebor Thorin_The_King (r+b) The city under the mountain is being rebuilt by none other than Thorin_The_King, the current lord of dwarves of Erebor. He has many dwarven followers and is making tremendous progress on the city! Good Luck! The city is located near the corresponding fast travel point in Wilderland.
Forsaken Inn Fearrippers (b)
Forsaken Inn.png
Located by the fast travel point, Forsaken Inn, this arnor build was created by head-admin, Fearrippers.
Fornost Erain Hell_Metallicus (r+b) A human city in Eriador ruled by Hell_Metallicus and capital of the Rangers of the North. The city is located near the corresponding fast travel point in Eriador, north of Bree.
Goblin Town Bolg_Son_of_Azog (b+r) A Gundabad Stronghold in the heart of the Misty Mountains. This place of evil is where new players can venture to in order to Join Gundabad! One of the many Gundabad fortresses in the Misty Mountains.
Khazad-dûm SpoangityBob (r+b) A dwarven city in the Misty Moutains ruled by SpoangityBob. The west entrance is located near the fast travel point West Gate in Eregion. The east entrance and faction hub is located near the fast travel point Dimrill Dale in the Vales of Anduin.

The city was founded by Hayoo, the high-elven Admiral, and then given to SpoangityBob

Linhir Zeradash (r+b)
2018-10-13 13.16.08.png
The current capital of Lebennin, it is considered by many in an advanced building state even though the main builder has estimated that one seventh of the city or less is actually completed. This is mainly due to the impressive size of the city and the individuality of each building. It is said to have more than 60 houses and warehouses inside its walls and to be fully functional despite the amount of emptiness, as it is estimated that more than 350 houses fit in the city, discounting any other type of building and the vast amount of space used for military structures. Zeradash, founder and main builder, expects it to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest city in all of Middle Earth by the time it is finished. It is located north west of the fast travel waypoint, though a massive region of farmlands and small towns are also considered inside the city limits by many.
Minas Tirith Various (b+r) The Capital of Gondor, also known as "The White City" east of the White Mountains. Was built by TheSmileBC (formerly Arantoer_II). The city is located near the corresponding fast travel point in Gondor, close to the eastern most tip of the White Mountains. The original city (partly built in creative) has been deleted and is in the process of being rebuilt under gondorian supervision.
Mithlond High-Elves (b+r) Information about the High-Elves will not be updated on this page. You can read more about the High-Elves and Mithlond on the "Player-Wiki" if you're interested. Everything is up-to-date there.
Mt. Caradhras SirWilsonGS/
Atop the mightiest mountain running above Khazad-Dum is the chief orc stronghold in the Misty Mountains. This place of evil is the center of Gundabad affairs. Building began after the bubbaberet dynasty over the Gundabad faction ended, and Gombar_The_Black's reign over the faction began. The stronghold is located near the corresponding fast travel point in the center of the Misty Moutains.
Mt Methedras Connor7boss (b+r) A Dwarvish sub-city of Moria is being built by Rágna (connor7boss) to serve as a war base, council, and a home to Dwarfs travelling throughout Middle Earth.
Mt. Gundabad (Durin's City) iwellner45 (b+r)
Azaghal_79 (b)
A city and a shrine to Durin made by iwellner45 and his Blue Dwarven Lord and friend Azaghal_79 (formerly known as squatch_thunder7). It was bought by iwellner45 from Gombar_the_Black of the Gundabad faction after bubbaberet. There are pictures of what bubbaberet did on the official server's facebook page. The duo restored it, is currently working on expanding the city, and has made it the Capital of the Dwarven House and a meeting place for all dwarven lords. The city is located near the corresponding fast travel point in the north of the Misty Moutains.
Isengard Joetatoe (b+r)
SpadeCompany (b+r)
The ancient fortress of Isengard (Faction: Uruk-hai.) Located in the Southeast of Enedwaith, this structure was built mostly by the opped Joetatoe and somewhat by the opped SpadeCompany. Isengard is currently ruled by the opped Joetatoe.Isengard is composed of a large stone wall which encircles the tower of Orthanc, which is located in the center of the courtyard. The wall and gates of Isengard are nearly complete, they are thick enough for several mounted players to ride abreast. The courtyard of Isengard contains within patches of hearth blocks, patches of soul sand and is otherwise all dirt (no grass.) There are also player houses, mines, forges and other miscellaneous buildings in the courtyard.
Taure Tal Bearclaw13 A city for Rangers of Ithilien and wood elves, this city lays smack in the middle of Ithilien. It's name means "Foot of the Forest". Bearclaw13 is building it along with hollad and fireninja8575
Tharbad LegoOskar (B)

Paul673 (B+R)

Tharbad is the De Facto Temporary Capital of The Kingdom of Arnor, it is located on the banks of the River Greyflood, it is a large fortress building with a central citadel in the middle with several tall towers.
Dol Dromaeros Scrubor (b+r) It has been confirmed that this hidden sanctuary does exist. It has also been identified that its master is indeed the newly founded, self-proclaimed Chronicler (a.k.a Scrubor). In this humble establishment will be the Archives of Arda [a library containing knowledge of all happenings in Middle-Earth]; a cellar with all sorts of potent brews, a garden containing a wide variety of vegetation etc. The location of this build is still unknown and access to it is restricted to only the Chronicler.

Heavily Work in Progress Builds

The following list is sorted in alphabetical order:
For a much more complete list of the server's builds, go to the Official LOTRmod Server Player Wiki, and go to each factions' pages where their builds are listed.

Aldburg: Aldburg is currently the biggest city in rohan and has 20citizens. The lord of Aldburg is Jamez45767 he runs Aldburg with his commander mr_tinty it has been in work for 5months and the outer city is halfway through construction but it still has a way to go. Aldburg also houses a 3 story jousting arena recently finished which is the biggest in the world.

Arta Minyortala Eleno: A fortress being built by vaclav999. Glaerdir, however, built its foundations and outer walls. Information about the High-Elves will not be updated on this page. You can read more about the High-Elves and Minyortala on the "Player-Wiki" if you're interested. Everything is up-to-date there.

Barad-Dûr: Work on Barad-Dûr began a long time ago, but the project was canceled many times due to lack of motivation, time and blocks. All what stands now are the first wall (80% finished) and the second wall (60% finished). While there are many plans of picking up the work again, these all ultimately fail. There is a small carrot farm near the construction site to feed the builders, as well as a Mordor Rock quarry.

Bree: Much of Bree is already built, but it is continually being worked on by Mazerinth, previously known as MrMazeRunner. It serves as an outpost and recruiting centre, as well as a more neutral and welcoming place for meetings etc. It also boasts a large arsenal of traders and two inns.

Caras Ninglor: This is a giant Isengard-like fortress city being built in the Gladden Fields by miner49er876(recneps) and Dragonfang6892.

  1. Carn-dûm: The City Fortress of Angmar is being built by TheWitch_King

Crossing of Poros: The city that defends the people of Harad. Umbar, Near and Far Harad and the Half-Trolls. Its ruled by RookieNinjas II, wipeout2099 and RookieNinjas are the builders. Crossing of Poros is the capitol of Harandor. wipeout2099 is also the steward of Crossing of Poros. You shouldn't make troubles there as an enemy of Harad or you might be hunted.

Galtrev: The capital city of Dunland (is actually a lore build not in movies tho) being constructed by ThaMarauder.

Lake Town: Being built by Bob101234-self proclaimed master of Lake Town, The Town is situated in the Long Lake and can be found by heading South from the Long Lake spawn point until directly East of the Wood Elven River. The community sports little more than a few small houses and an island where the Town's food is grown. The Town is planned to be a major center of trade and to manage a large fishing industry by which it can sustain itself.

Linhir: Being built by Bearclaw13, this city is in Lebennin (Southern Gondor). It is to be a cultural city, and so far he has built surrounding farms and a small fort to guard the city.

Mt. Gram: The Orc Fortress is being built by Sir_AKJK with the help of TheJulkkis. It is South of the Mt. Gram ft point

Mt Gundabad: Is being built by Iluvatars_Bane and is currently undergoing massive construction. When finished the build will resemble Mt Gundabad from Battle of the Five Armies as well as have a camp for faction members. The main build is heavily underway and the camp is now ready for people to move in.

Osgiliath: Currently being built by King_Elendil, which is also the Lord of Osgiliath, and have a past as King of Gondor. It will become a great defense for defending Ithilien and an entrance into Gondor.

Pelargir: The build done by Zhatelier (when he was king of Gondor) has been reset recently. Now a small team under the head builder JerrekCarnelian rebuilds Pelargir as one of the main cities of Gondor.

Vinyamar: Suburb of Mithlond, this elven city is ruled by Hayoo. Information about the High-Elves will not be updated on this page. You can read more about the High-Elves and Vinyamar on the "Player-Wiki" if you're interested. Everything is up-to-date there.

Whitefall: Whitefall is no lore city. It is owned by Eomer_, Captain of Rohan. A detailed, large and beautiful city located north of Edoras. There will be a road built connecting both towns. Whitefall will be open for all good and neutral players. There will be shops, other players, a "gladiator" arena with betting and much more. Whitefall will also be a fortress for one of Rohan's Armies. Edit: Whitefall disappeared because of the corrupted chunks. it will be rebuilt.

Planned Builds

For a much more complete list of the server's builds, go to the "Official LOTRmod Server Player Wiki", and go to each factions' pages where they are listed their builds

The following list is sorted in alphabetical order:

Beorn's Lands: Planned build by ZombieSheepRule
Dol Amroth: The city of the Swan Knights that will be started by internet_miners. He currently cannot due to his Minecraft not working.
Durins City: The capital of Dwarvendom, built by iwellner45, one of the 7 Dwarf Lords.
Esgaroth: Located South of Dale. To be built by newcomers Schmidtt94 and Zongaaru.
Fort Nox: A build planned after the February 1st update will be the location of the Angmar Military Treasury and Armory. This is being built by Illuvatars_Bane.
Moredain Outpost: Small trade village being built by Firewarp47 on the western edge of the Far Harad Forest.
Trollshaws Outpost: A heavily fortified outpost that is the basis of the Black Empire's strength in the Lone Lands.

Councils or Groups

All of the information below is describing large scale faction interaction such as guilds and alliances. Feel free to add your own council/group if it consists of more than 2 factions. Keep in mind that alot of these are very outdated. It might be more helpful to check each of their respective wiki pages that can be found by just searching most of their names.

Dwarven House / Dwarven Council

This is an elite group of seven of the finest dwarven warriors across the server. The houses in the Dwarven House include the Ered Luin, Khazad-Dum, the City of Gundabad, Ered Mithrin, the Iron Hills, and the Orocarni. There is one Lord per region that comes when a Lord calls a council. All councils are held at Gundabad when it is rebuilt. The High King of the Council is Azaghal_79 (formerly known as squatch_thunder7). The lordship of the members of the council is undisputed. Each Lord was gifted with a ring of their Realm/City. The rings were forged and inscribed within the halls of the greatest realm of the Khazad, Moria.

The founding members consist of:

  • Azaghal_79 (squatch_thunder7) - The appointed High King of the Council, ruler of the Blue Mountains, and Forger of the Dwarven Rings.
  • Spoangitybob - Lord of the Dwarven Kingdom of Khazad-Dum and protector of the southern Misty Mountains.
  • iwellner45 - Lord of Durin's City located at Mount Gundabad.
  • ThunderSC (SpeedySC) - Lord of the Iron Hills and co-guardian of the icy north.
  • aidansebastian - Lord of the Grey Mountains, co-guardian of the icy north, and inscriber of the Dwarven Rings.

The council has since appointed various other lords such as

  • Thorin_the_King - King Under the Mountain.
  • wille912_ - Ruler of the Red Mountains.
  • LuckySilverStar - Ruler of Nogrod.

Council of the High-Elves

The 2nd king of the High-Elves, SinzPet, upon his rise to the throne created a council consisting of the most prestigious elves of the faction. The council acts as the king's advisors and representatives.

Information about the High-Elves will not be updated on this page. You can read more about the High-Elves and their Government on the "Player/Faction/RolePlay- Wiki" if you're interested. Everything is up-to-date there.

White Council

The White Council is a group of the elite, good aligned players of the server. They work together on a large, faction scale so that they can combat the forces of evil. The group consists of the highest ranking players of the main "good" factions, including Kings and High Lords alike.
The group consists of:
  • internet_miners - High King of Fangorn and Hand of the King to SinzPet, the High King of Lindon. He was one of the founding members and very influential with most other players on the server.
  • SinzPet himself, another founding member, High King of the High Elves.
  • Faelon (Formerly: Xenphir) and TheBlueTrickster, more Elven kin, were founding members and partake in the council as influential representatives of the Mirkwood kingdom.
  • TheSmileBC (Formerly: Arantoer_II) - the third and last founding member.

The White Council later admitted three invaluable players as their latest members:

  • squatch_thunder7, the first new member, Lord of all Dwarves, Co-founder of the Northern Alliance and ruler of Ered Luin.
  • Hell_Metallicus, soon after, was graced into the Council as the Chieftan of the Rangers of the North and Co-founder of the Northern Alliance.
  • Atanvarno, following these additions, King of Gondor, founder of the union of Arnor and Gondor.

Even at this moment the Council convenes to discuss trade, border troubles and incoming threats from treacherous neighbours. Their reach is nearly limitless as they can thwart even the deadliest of enemy plans. Their spheres of influence allies themselves closely to the most powerful of players, including most Dwarven lords and High Elves. Their contacts include the richest players on the server and the White Council itself has accomplished warriors of renown. They are ever vigil, always watching. Cross them and you may be forgiven, but never forgotten.

There are rumors that the White Council has a secret location where they all meet, and it is said to be never found by anyone outside of the White Council. Some even say the location is not even in Middle-Earth. Others say they all communicate through Palentirs. Even we are unsure of the truth.

The Confederation of the Northmen

The Confederation of the Northmen is an inter-factional organization of factions based on Northern Cultures. Current members of the Confederation are Rohan, the Kingdom of Rhovanion, the kingdom of Anduin and the Northern Viking Clans (Foredain, Northmen). They were formed in mid 1417 with the purpose of advancing trade and creating mutual defense. It is centered in Aldburg, Rohan. However, the aim is to use the ancient Eotheod city, Framsburg, to replace Aldburg as the center city.


Not yet an official group, though there have been a rising and a fall in members and publicity. This guild is primarily a joke for the true Alcoholics.
It is an elite group, where everyone is welcome with the achievement and Alcoholic Shield. There is rumored to be an actual Guild (being) built somewhere. Though nobody knows how and where. The founders of this guild were:
  • TheSmileBC (back in the day he was only a Horse-Lord of Rohan under the name of b_boymasterman, later more well known as Arantoer_II).
  • Evil_Mogwai, former King of Dunland.
Even though they were enemies, they appreciated drinking with each other after fighting on the battlefield, and decided that every race and man or woman should have a place where they can rest, drink or laugh in peace. They are also viewing themselves outside of all politics when honoring or acting on the title of an AwwA-member. Which ironically, is not anonymous at all. Entry to this guild is free for anyone by drinking 72 potent vodka's in a row. And equipping the alcoholism shield when approaching other members or the guild itself (if it exists at all).

The Black Council

A Council consisting of all leaders and significant players in evil. The head of the council is Legodude247 as Melkor. The representatives of the council are as follows:
  • Iluvatar's_Bane (Gundabad)
  • SirWilsonGS (Gundabad)
  • Grievous1138 (Gundabad)
  • SpadeCompany (Isengard)
  • Aidansebastian (Mordor)
  • Lord_Morghash_IV (Gundabad)
  • Ghash_Max (Isengard)
  • Faylynn (Mordor)
  • TheSmileBC (Angmar Hillmen)
  • shamiir (Near Harad)
  • LordKhamul (Dol Guldur)
  • EzioDiAuditore (Isengard)
  • OBSIDIAN_FOX (Mordor)
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