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They were the greatest delight of Númenor, and they were remembered in many songs long after they had perished for ever, for few ever flowered east of the Land of Gift: oiolairë and lairelossë, nessamelda, vardarianna, taniquelassë, and yavannamirë with its globed and scarlet fruits.

Unfinished Tales, A Description of the Island of Númenor

This beautiful white tree naturally grows quite rarely in Lothlórien, but not on the edges. It has a silver-grey trunk, and its leaves are of a light blue-white and grey shade. The form and height of an average sized tree is comparable to a small spruce, though the smaller trees only slightly exceed the size of the average shrub. Their canopies are generally conical in shape, but may have several 'layers' in the larger trees.

The large variant (2x2) can also be found in Lothlórien and can be planted using 4 saplings in a 2x2 square. It's not possible to plant lairelossë Party Trees (3x3).

The large(er) variant.


The lairelossë tree (plural: lairelossi) was one of the Fragrant trees which grew in Nísimaldar, on the island of Númenor. Its name means "Summer-white", or "Summer-snow-white" in Quenya.

Lairelossë Plank, Fence, Gate, Slab, Log, Leaves, Stairs, Door, Trapdoor and Beam


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