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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

he built a gilded gondola to wander in, and had in her a load of yellow oranges and porridge for his provender; he perfumed her with marjoram and cardamon and lavender.

–Errantry, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

Lavender is a type of flower from the real world that grows in groups throughout Middle-earth in biomes including the Shire, Gondor and Eriador. Bree-land and Bree-hobbit florists hold lavender in their hands when idle.

A cluster of Lavender flowers in the Shire with a potted lavender flower in the foreground.


This flower can be crafted into purple dye using a vanilla crafting table, similar to other flowers. The recipe is shown below.

vanilla crafting recipe
Purple Dye