[...] and they bore a great casket of black lebethron bound with silver.

The Return of the King, The Steward and the King

A Lebethron casket is a storage container added in Public Beta 29. It can be found in nearly all Gondorian structures, like fortresses, watchforts and settlements, containing some loot. It looks like a darker version of a wooden chest with the White Tree of Gondor on the top and silver trim on the sides.

Crafting Edit

It is crafted on a Gondorian crafting table out of eight Lebethron wood planks and one silver nugget.

Gondorian crafting recipe
Gondorian Crafting
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Wood Planks
Silver Nugget
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Wood Planks
Lebethron Casket

Uses Edit

A Lebethron casket may be broken with bare hands, but an axe is the quickest way to do it. It can be used like a normal chest to hold up to 27 different items. Unlike the normal wooden chest, two of them placed side by side won't form a double chest, which makes them slightly less convenient to access. However, it does mean that a large number of caskets can be placed side-by-side, which can make for more compact, albeit slightly less convenient storage.

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