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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

[...] the fair tree lebethron, beloved of the woodwrights of Gondor [...]

The Two Towers, Journey to the Cross-Roads

Lebethron trees are special trees exclusive to Ithilien, and can be found in both small and large varieties. They are very prized by Gondorian woodworkers, since many beautiful things can be made out of them.


The leaves of these trees are a dark green colour, and its bark is a shade of Dark brown. The textures of their leaves and bark also bear a resemblance to that of the cedar.

Lebethron Plank, Fence, Gate, Slab, Log, Leaves, Stairs, Door, Trapdoor and Beam

Growing large variant[]

To grow a large variant, plant 2x2 saplings in a square, and then either wait for it to grow or use bonemeal. Since Public Beta 29, it's also possible to grow a Party Tree by planting 3x3 saplings and using bonemeal on the center one.


Lebethron wood can be harvested from lebethron trees to craft all manner of wooden objects. The leaves can also be destroyed for a chance to get lebethron saplings. Lebethron wood planks are used with a silver nugget to make Lebethron Caskets.


In the books, Samwise Gamgee's walking stick was made out of Lebethron wood.

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