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When life gives you a lemon, chunk it right back and add some lemons of your own!

Bill Watterson , Calvin and Hobbes

On hot summer days, the Southrons like to sit on their balconies and enjoy a refreshing ice-cold lemonade. This cool beverage is readily sold by traveling merchants to players who have journeyed long and far under the scorching desert sun.

Unlike lemon liqueur, lemonade is non-alcoholic. One lemonade restores 5 ( 5 ).


Lemonade can be found in chests in Southron houses, and it is occasionally dropped by Southrons upon death.

If the player possesses the right ingredients, lemonade can also be crafted, as described in the following section.


Lemonade must be crafted on a vanilla crafting table. This recipe is shapeless, meaning the ingredients do not have to be placed on the crafting grid in a specific formation.

To make lemonade, fill an empty vessel with water. Then combine it with a lemon and a lump of sugar in the crafting, and you have lemonade. Unfortunately, you can't use a bucket of water here, as you can't produce a bucket of lemonade - although a very thirsty desert traveler might need it.

vanilla crafting recipe