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The Lindon tower is a tall structure, found in the fair lands of Lindon, that houses Lindon warriors and a Lindon lord.

Appearence and Interior[]

The height of these towers can vary, ranging from around fourty to seventy blocks tall with up to 6 floors. Its entrance is made up of High Elven gates. Each layer can be accessed by climbing a spiraling staircase in the center. There is also a Lindon crafting table at the top of the stairs. Torches and chandeliers provide lighting for the building.

While no chests are found in these structures, they do spawn mugs of juice and Miruvor as well as plates of food, including stacks of up to four Lembas (seems like they welcome Pippin here).

Tower Hills variant[]

Tower Hills variant.

There are also Lindon towers in the Tower Hills subbiome of Lindon. The only difference is that they are made up of Chalk brick rather than Elven brick. The use of the bright chalk provides these towers an appearance that displays the true splendour of the Ñoldor Calaquendi. It also serve as a way to hire troops from the Lindon lord.


The most important feature of these towers is usually the presence of the Lindon Lord, who can be found at the top of the tower. If your alignment with the High Elves is +300 or higher, you will be able to hire troops.


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