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Lions are animals that spawn in the grasslands and forests of Far Harad. They are revered as a symbol of strength by the Morwaith people, who use a lion on their banner. Lions are neutral to the player, and will not attack unless provoked.

This animal has two genders: the male lion, and the female lioness. They are identical in all aspects except for appearance, and that when breeding lions, you must breed a lion with a lioness.


Lions and lionesses are neutral animals and tend to wander aimlesly about. However, if attacked by a player or NPC, they will fight back by chasing and biting their enemy, dealing 3 points of damage at a time. Lions will also retaliate against anyone who attacks nearby cubs.

A lion may occasionally chase passive animals like zebras or gemsbok, which will in turn flee from them. However, unlike crocodiles, lions do not kill these targets. They simply end the pursuit after a random amount of time.


Lions can be fed with raw fish (Fish.png) to let them mate. If a fed lion and a fed lioness are close to each other, they will mate and a new baby lion will spawn. Baby lions grow to maturity after some time (approximately 20 minutes).


Lions and lionesses drop their meat (LionRaw.png) and fur (LionFur.png). Their meat can be cooked (LionCooked.png), and their fur can be made into a bed (Lion Fur Bed.png) or some armour (HelmetMoredainLion.png).

Since Update 34, there's a slim chance on a lionskin rug (LionskinRugs.gif) as a trophy for your big game hunt. But beware: lions will not go down without a fight. Male and female lions drop different types of rugs.


  • Lions and lionesses were added from Mevans' previous mod, the Lion King mod. They were given new models and textures in Public Beta 22.
  • The Morwaith have a god called the "Great Lion" and every new tribe warrior must kill a lion to prove his strength.
  • Often, Morwaith will offer miniquests to kill lions.
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