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Lion fur is a resource obtained from lions and lionesses. It resembles leather in appearance, but is lighter in colour and has a small tail. It is used in crafting some Far Harad and Morwaith items.


Lion fur is dropped by lions and Lionesses, which spawn in the regions of Far Harad. Both mobs drop lion fur at equal rates. Caution is advised if attacking a lion for its fur, because it will fight back when hit, and surrounding lions will also.

Lion fur can also be bought with silver coins from a travelling Merchant of Harad, or a Morwaith Huntsman who lives in the villages on the savannah.


It can be used alongside planks of any kind to make a lion fur bed. Lion fur beds function just like a regular bed, and are crafted on a vanilla crafting table. Lion fur is also used to make the Morwaith Chieftain armour set. This armour is crafted on the Morwaith crafting table which requires +1 alignment with the Morwaith faction to be used.


  • Lion fur was originally a feature of the Lion King Mod. Along with many other Far Harad-related items, it was added to the Lord of the Rings Mod in Public Beta 16, though the bed was not added until the next update.
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