The Lion fur bed is a type of bed made with lion fur and acts like a normal bed. This bed is very useful for when the player is down in Far Harad, as there are no sheep there. It can be found naturally in some houses of a Morwaith village.

Note, that player respawning is changed by the mod. Follow the link for more details.


Two lion fur beds in a Morwaith chieftain hut.


The bed can be crafted on a vanilla crafting table (not on the Morwaith crafting table) with three lion fur and three wooden planks of any kind.

vanilla crafting recipe
Lion Fur
any wood planks
Lion Fur
any wood planks
Lion Fur
any wood planks
Lion Fur Bed

Trivia Edit

  • The lion fur bed was added from Mevans' previous mod, the Lion King Mod, along with lions, lion fur, and related items.

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