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The Lord of the Rings Mod (known as the Legacy version, since the release of Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed) is an expansion for Minecraft 1.7.10 that adds the world of Middle-earth to the game, complete with the Factions, NPCs and animals of the realm.



The mod adds 159 regions in its own right, with each region having many variations on the basic region theme. From the frozen lands of the North, to the scorching deserts of Near Harad, to the steamy jungles of Far Harad, you can visit practically the entire continent of Middle-earth. In between these extremes, you will find virtually every single area mentioned by Tolkien, ranging from Lindon to the Iron Hills to Gondor to Mordor, complete with region-appropriate NPC spawns, vegetation and generated structures, ranging from small ruins of the former kingdom of Arnor to fortresses in Rohan to large settlements in Near Harad. Beautiful mountain terrain generation will bring you back to the highlands of Middle-earth time and time again. And, if you find climbing over every mountain and hill to be too much work, especially when you consider that Middle-Earth is nearly 200,000 km2 in size (about the size of Great Britain in real life), have no fear; the mod adds roads, which smooth out the terrain around them, allowing you to go over even the tallest mountains with ease.

The Misty Mountains

A Rohan Fortress-Village.

Biomes of the Lord of the Rings Mod (Sub-biomes in brackets)
List by Alphabet

AdornlandAnduin Hills (Gladden Fields, Vales of Anduin) • Angmar (Mountains) • Barrow-downs
Blue Mountains (Foothills) • Bree-land (Chetwood) • Brown LandsColdfells


DagorladDaleDead MarshesDor-en-Ernil (Hills) • Dorwinion (Emyn Winion)
Drúwaith IaurDunlandEast BightEmyn MuilEnedwaithEreborEregion
Eriador (Downs, Eryn Vorn, Minhiriath, Swanfleet) • Ettenmoors


Fangorn (Clearing) • Fangorn WastelandFar Harad Bushland (Hills) • Far Harad Cloud Forest
Far Harad Grasslands (Arid, Arid Hills, Corsair Coasts, Forest) • Far Harad Jungle (Edge, Lake, Mountains, Taurethrim Clearing) • Far Harad MangroveFar Harad Swampland
Far Harad VolcanoField of CelebrantForodwaith (Coastline, Mountains, Glacier)


Gondor (Andrast, Blackroot Vale, Lamedon (Hills), Lebennin (Mouths of Anduin), Lossarnach (Imloth Melui), Mouths of Entwash, Pelargir, Pelennor Fields, Pinnath Gelin, White Mountains (Foothills))
Grey Mountains (Foothills) • Gulf of Harad (Gulf Forest) • Half-desertsHarad MountainsHarnennor
HarondorIron HillsIthilien (Hills, Wasteland) • Kanuka Forest


LakeLast DesertLindon (Coastline, Woodlands, Tower Hills) • Lone-lands (Angle, Weather Hills)
LostladenLothlórien (Eaves) • MidgewaterMirkwood (Dol Guldur, Mountains)
Misty Mountains (Foothills) • Mordor (Eastern Desolation, Gorgoroth, Mordor Mountains, Morgulduin, Morgul Vale, Nan Ungol, Nurn (Marshes, Sea of Nurnen), Udûn) • Mountains of the Wind (Foothills)


Nan CurunírNindalfNorthern MirkwoodNorthlands (Northern Forests) • Old Forest
PerdorogwaithRed Mountains (Foothills) • Rhúdel (Eryn Garan, Eryn Rhúnaer, Hills, Steppe
Tol Rhúnaer) • Rhûn (Forest) • Rivendell (Hills) • RiverRohan (Woodlands, The Wold, Uruk Highlands)
Southron Coasts (Harad Desert Riverbank, Near Harad Oasis, Southron Forests)


Taur-i-ThorogrimThe Great Desert (Hills, Red Desert) • The Sea (Beach, Island, Meneltarma) • The Shire (Marshes, Moors, Woodlands, White Downs) • TolfalasTrollshaws
Umbar (Forest, Hills) • UtumnoWilderland (Northern, Long Marshes) Woodland Realm (Hills)

List by Region

Angmar (Mountains) • Barrow-downsBlue Mountains (Foothills) • Bree-land (Chetwood)
ColdfellsDunlandEnedwaithEregionEriador (Downs, Eryn Vorn, Minhiriath, Swanfleet)
EttenmoorsLindon (Coastline, Woodlands, Tower Hills) • Lone-lands (Angle, Weather Hills)
MidgewaterNan CurunírOld ForestRivendell (Hills)
The Shire (Marshes, Moors, Woodlands, White Downs) • Trollshaws


Anduin Hills (Gladden Fields, Vales of Anduin) • Brown LandsDagorladDale
Dead MarshesEast BightEmyn MuilEreborField of CelebrantFangorn (Clearing)
Fangorn WastelandGrey Mountains (Foothills) • Iron HillsLothlórien (Eaves)
Mirkwood (Dol Guldur, Mountains) • Misty Mountains (Foothills) • NindalfNorthern Mirkwood
Wilderland (Northern, Long Marshes) • Woodland Realm (Hills)

The South:

AdornlandDor-en-Ernil (Hills) • Drúwaith IaurGondor (Andrast, Blackroot Vale, Lamedon (Hills), Lebennin (Mouths of Anduin), Lossarnach (Imloth Melui), Mouths of Entwash, Pelargir, Pelennor Fields, Pinnath Gelin, White Mountains (Foothills)) • HarondorIthilien (Hills, Wasteland)
Mordor (Eastern Desolation, Gorgoroth, Mordor Mountains, Morgulduin, Morgul Vale, Nan Ungol, Nurn (Marshes, Sea of Nurnen), Udûn) • Rohan (Woodlands, The Wold, Uruk Highlands) • Tolfalas


Far Harad Bushland (Hills) • Far Harad Cloud ForestFar Harad Grasslands (Arid, Arid Hills, Corsair Coasts, Forest) • Far Harad Jungle (Edge, Lake, Mountains, Taurethrim Clearing)
Far Harad MangroveFar Harad SwamplandFar Harad VolcanoGulf of Harad (Gulf Forest)
Half-desertsHarad MountainsHarnennorKanuka ForestLostladenPerdorogwaith
Southron Coasts (Harad Desert Riverbank, Near Harad Oasis, Southron Forests)
Taur-i-ThorogrimThe Great Desert (Hills, Red Desert) • Umbar (Forest, Hills)


Dorwinion (Emyn Winion) • Last DesertMountains of the Wind (Foothills) • Red Mountains (Foothills) • Rhúdel (Eryn Garan, Eryn Rhúnaer, Hills, Steppe, Tol Rhúnaer) • Rhûn (Forest)


Forodwaith (Coastline, Mountains, Glacier) • Northlands (Northern Forests) • Utumno


The Sea (Beach, Island, Meneltarma)




The mod adds 24 different factions that you can ally with or slaughter. Each faction has an alignment meter, which indicates your standing with that faction. Positive alignments give you various bonuses, such as the ability to craft faction-exclusive equipment and armour, with better-than-average stats. Gain alignment with factions by killing their enemies or completing favours, but be careful; killing a faction's units will make them angry with you, causing them to attack on sight, and maybe even launch a full-scale invasion in time. One of the main benefits of gaining faction alignment is the ability to trade with various trading NPCs and to hire troops, described below. If you want to learn more about the stories a faction has to tell, each faction has several lore texts, which may contain information regarding their history, units, weapons, and more.

Unit Hiring

With all these factions at war in Middle-earth, travelling around can be a rather dangerous affair. To help you in your campaign, factions will allow you to hire their troops if you have a good standing with them. Hire yourself an army of Swan Knights and Gondorians and defend Gondor against the Mordor Orcs that spawn at night, or conquer the Free People of Middle-earth using your army of Black Uruks and Olog-hai. Command your troops with the horn and Sword of Command, and assign them to Squadrons using the Table of Command.

The unit hiring screen

Armour and Equipment

Each faction in the mod has a complete set of armour and equipment. Blend in with the mighty Eorlingas or get yourself an Uruk Berserker Scimitar and cut all that oppose you in half. Many factions have unique types of weapons, each with varying attack speed, reach, and damage; additionally, many of the mod's weapons look a lot more impressive than those in vanilla Minecraft, for they're 32x32 in size. Make sure to pick the right weapon for the fight! You wouldn't want to try fighting an enemy pikeman with a dagger. Like a sword you found in a Rohan fortress but find that it's blunt? No worries, there is a complete reforging system in the mod, allowing you to repair, enhance, and maintain your equipment, all for the price of a few ingots if you do it yourself, or for a few coins if you let a blacksmith do it for you.

AxeElven.png Equipment Sets in Middle-earth PickaxeDolGuldur.png

SwordArnorian.png ArnorianBattleaxeBlueDwarven.png Blue DwarvenPikeDale.png DalishSwordDolAmroth.png Dol AmrothSpearBladorthin.png Dorwinion ElvenMattockDwarven.png Dwarven
LongspearElven.png GaladhrimHammerGondor.png GondorianSwordHighElven.png LindonBattleaxeLossarnach.png LossarnachAxeMallorn.png Mallorn
TridentPelargir.png PelargirSwordRivendell.png RivendellLanceRohan.png RohirricHammerTauredain.png TaurethrimPolearmWoodElven.png Wood-elven

DaggerAngmar.png AngmarMaceBlackNumenorean.png Black NúmenóreanBattleaxeBlackUruk.png Black UrukCorsair Harpoon.png CorsairBattleaxeDolGuldur.png Dol Guldur
DunlendingClub.png DunlendingGulfen Khopesh.png GulfenHammerGundabadUruk.png Gundabad UrukBattleaxeHalfTroll.png Half-trollHaradric Pike.png Haradric
ScimitarOrc.png MordorMorwaith Spear.png MorwaithRhûnic Sword.png RhûnicScimitarNearHarad.png UmbaricScimitarUrukBerserker.png UrukBattleaxeUtumno.png Utumno

Not Faction Specific:

Ancient Sword.png AncientSwordBronze.png Bronze • Gold • Iron • HalberdMithril.png Mithril


A Ranger of the North

All factions have their own NPCs. Some of these NPCs are military, and others are civilians. These NPCs vary in attack strength, health, and damage. NPCs can be passive, such as hobbits, but most NPCs will attack you if you attack them or if you have a negative alignment with their faction. Some NPCs will attack you using melee weapons, such as Gundabad Orcs, others will try to shoot at you, including Gondorian archers, and a select few can use both a bow at long range and a sword at close range, such as High Elf Warriors. A few NPCs are hostile all the time, such as Bandits, which will attempt to steal loot from your pockets.



To make the world of Middle-earth more authentic, the mod adds over 20 species of flowers, ranging from Elanor to thistles, as well as new types of grass. Some of these flowers are simply cosmetic, but others are important ingredients in Brewing, described later. The forests of Middle-earth are equally detailed, with 32 species of tree that can potentially be found, depending on which biome you're currently in. Many biomes will also spawn Berry Bushes, which can serve as a quick source of food when underway. The generation of trees has also been improved.

Vanilla: AcaciaBirchDark OakJungleOakSpruce
Fruit Trees: AlmondAppleBananaCherryDateLemon
Hardwoods: AspenBaobabBeechChestnutDragonbloodHollyKanuka
Softwoods: CedarCypressFirLairelossëLarchPalmPineRedwoodShire PineWeirwood
Parts of Trees: Charred treesFallen LeavesRotten Log


Standing next to a barrel of booze

For those who enjoy sitting around at home with a mug of ale, the mod adds a complete barrel brewing system. Create over 20 different kinds of booze using nothing more than a barrel, three buckets of water, and the appropriate brewing ingredients. All these drinks fill up your hunger bar, and some have useful status effects. Be careful, though; if you drink too much alcohol in a short amount of time, you'll become drunk, and if an invasion comes at the same time, things might not end well...

Food and Drink

All this fighting and adventuring is likely to make you hungry and thirsty. Aside from berries and alcoholic beverages, the mod adds 10 different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages, such as Orange Juice and hot cocoa, and 71 different types of food, ranging from common-place items such as apples and Rabbit Meat, to more exotic items, such as Banana Cake and Rhino Meat. Enjoy a feast by placing food on plates, or get drunk and start throwing the plates around for a fun party. Or, if you prefer, you can poison your unsuspecting guests by adding a bottle of poison to any drink.

Food of Middle-earth

Two distinct dimensions

An Utumno Orc on the deepest level of that dungeon

While there are countless epic adventures and wars to be had in Middle-earth, if you really want a hostile adventure, head over towards the pits of the Underworld. All the NPCs found there serve none other than Melkor the Great, and will attack even the most evil of players. Make sure to get good armour and equipment before heading in there, as there are far worse things than Orcs in the deep places of the world...

Balrog.png  The Armies of Utumno  Melkor Plate.png

(Located under Forodwaith, after walking through the Pits)


First Floor: Ice SpiderOrc (Archer) • Warg (Ice)
Second Floor: Orc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Obsidian)
Third Floor: BalrogOrc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Fire)

Armour & Equipment:

ArmourBalrog WhipEquipmentPickaxe of the Underworld


First Floor: Ice Brick (Glowing) • Ice Pillar
Second Floor: Obsidian Brick (Fiery) • Obsidian Pillar
Third Floor: Fire Brick (Burning)• Fire Pillar


KeyMelkor PlateFlame of UdûnChill of Daedelos


If you're still not having enough combat for your liking, there are two bosses in Middle-earth, the Mallorn Ent and the Hill-troll Chieftain. Both bosses are tough, with very high attack damage and special attack styles. Fight them yourself with your hired army, or take them on with your friends on a server.


The mod team hosts an official server. Engage in great wars between good and evil, or work together to build Barad-dûr or other great builds from the lore. If you find that the official server is too full or that it isn't for you, the community runs many other great servers that you will no doubt enjoy.

Servers running the LotR Mod
Official Servers:

Official Server

Unofficial Servers:

AncarCraft: The Fourth AgeAnthem of EruApocryphes d'ArdaArda le 4eme age


Beginning: A New life in Middle EarthEnnorathEras of Arda


Flames of WarImmortalisIsildur's Bane LOTR ServerIt's a hARDA worldA Journey Through Middle Earth - The One Ring


LOTR SurvivalLoTRCirclesPrimacraft


Steel Armies: The Last DaysThe 12 Rings ServerThe End to All ThingsThe Second Server That Wont Rule Anything (Plotworld) • Third age: Rise of WarWar of the Ring


The mod adds several hundred new types of building blocks to the game, ranging from new types of wood to Ores to faction exclusive bricks. Make your build look authentic by using that faction's building style, or use your creativity and build whatever you please.


The mod adds over 500 achievements. These range from simple, such as entering a biome, to somewhat more exotic, such as riding a barrel through the rivers of Mirkwood. If you ever get bored, try collecting all the mod's achievements -- you'll probably discover a new feature of the mod during your travels that you didn't even know existed. Who knows, you might even discover something really awesome...


Tired of boring vanilla doors that only take up two blocks? Well, the LOTR mod adds a wide variety of gates, blocks that can be placed in any quantity and opened with a right-click. They can even be mixed and matched for a fully customized experience.

A closed gate


This mod adds its own custom-made enchanting system which brings the best out of every set of armour or weapons, while allowing for a variety of effects including chilling, infernal and more. Every weapon, tool, or armour you craft or find bears its own unique modifier, from added durability to bonus damage. What's more, killing large numbers of enemies with the same sword can give it bane modifications, which give a bonus four damage against enemies of that certain type.

Not satisfied with your modifications? Repairing too costly? Head over to an anvil or an accomplished blacksmith and you can reforge your weapons, tools and armour for metals or coins, respectively. While this may not be worth it for simple bows, paying coins instead of material is incredibly cost effective when using Mithril weapons.

NEI Support

Thanks to The Ranger Malvegil, the Lord of the Rings mod also supports NEI. This includes full support for all faction-specific crafting tables, forges, barrel brewing, the unsmeltery, and the trading value of items. The NEI plugin can be downloaded here.

Installing the Mod

Everything you need to know about installing the mod can be found on the relevant page.

Gameplay tips

Head over to the guide to begin your adventures in Middle-earth.

Officially supported mods:

Lord of the Rings Mod (Renewed)
Utilities: JoetaterEmmaitarNEI PluginPvP Mode modSiegeMode LOTR DRP

Unsupported mods:

Recommended 3rd party mods: FastCraft
Mevans' other mods: The Lion King Mod