Leading the line came walking a big thick-limbed horse, and on it sat a man of wide shoulders and huge girth, but old and grey-bearded, yet mail-clad and black-helmed and bearing a long heavy spear. Behind him marched proudly a dusty line of men, well-armed and bearing great battle-axes; grim-faced they were, and shorter and somewhat swarthier than any men that Pippin had yet seen in Gondor

The Return of the King, Minas Tirith

The Axemen of Lossarnach are hardy warriors sworn to the Fiefdom of Lossarnach, called the Vale of Flowers, and are skilled with axes both handheld and thrown. They wield Lossarnach Battleaxes and Throwing axes and wear Lossarnach Armour.


These units spawn in Lossarnach, on grass blocks, regardless of the time of day. They also guard the Villages, Fortresses, Watchtowers, Watchforts and Towns of Lossarnach.


Axemen don't really bother with NPC's or players that are at least neutral with Lossarnach (or any other fiefdom of Gondor, for that matter), though they like friendly players/NPC's even more. If an entity comes into sight that is enemies with Lossarnach, that enemy will be dealt with by whatever method these axemen find appropriate. If the enemy is far away, throwing axes are the weapon of choice, but at close range, a good hard hit on the head with a Lossarnach Battleaxe is generally all that is required to keep the average Orc from coming back for more.


These powerful units can be hired from a Lossarnach Captain if you have +200 alignment and 30 silver coins. As with other units, their cost decreases as the player's alignment increases.

Advantages Disadvantages
Equipped with a reliably strong weapon Weaker-than-average armour
Cheap, considering their strength Cannot be mounted
Possesses both a range and melee attack, making them incredibly versatile units
Able to tackle large enemies with moderate success


The Axeman of Lossarnach commonly drop bones. They have a rare chance of dropping the Lossarnach armor or weapons that they are carrying upon their death.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Bone Common 0-1 Bone
Lossarnach BattleAxe Rare 1 BattleaxeLossarnach
Lossarnach Throwing axe Rare 1 ThrowingAxeLossarnach
Lossarnach Helmet Rare 1 HelmetLossarnach
Lossarnach Chestplate Rare 1 BodyLossarnach
Lossarnach Leggings Rare 1 LegsLossarnach
Lossarnach Boots Rare 1 BootsLossarnach
Gondor Shield  The Men of Gondor  Gondor Banner

NPCs: GondorianLevymanSoldier (Archer, Banner Bearer, Tower Guard)
Traders: CaptainMarket Traders
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BeaconBrick (Cobble) • CasketCrafting Table
Structures: Beacon TowerFortressObeliskRuined TowerRuinsSettlementsTurretWatchfort

Blackroot Shield  The Soldiers of the Blackroot Vale  BlackrootVale Banner

NPCs: Soldier (Bowman)
Traders: Bowlord
Items: ArmourBow
Blocks: Blackroot

Dol Amroth Shield  The Knights of Dol Amroth  Dol Amroth Banner

Man-at-arms (Archer) • Swan Knight (Banner Bearer)
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour (Horse) • EquipmentSwan Feather
Blocks: BrickCrafting Table
Structures: Stable

Gondor Shield  The Rangers of Ithilien  Ithilien Banner

NPCs: Ranger of Ithilien
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour
Structures: Hideout

Lamedon Shield  The Hillmen of Lamedon  Lamedon Banner

NPCs: Warrior (Archer, Hillman)
Traders: Captain
Items: ArmourGambeson

Lebennin Shield  The Folk of Lebennin  Lebennin Banner

NPCs: Levyman
Traders: Captain
Items: Gambeson

Lossarnach Shield  The Mountaineers of Lossarnach  Lossarnach Banner

NPCs: Axeman
Traders: Captain
Items: ArmourEquipment

Pelargir Shield  The Mariners of Pelargir  Pelargir Banner

NPCs: Marine
Traders: Commander
Items: ArmourEquipment

Pinnath Gelin Shield  The Warriors of Pinnath Gelin  PinnathGelin Banner

NPCs: Soldier
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour

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