Behind him marched proudly a dusty line of men, well-armed and bearing great battle-axes; grim-faced they were, and shorter and somewhat swarthier than any men that Pippin had yet seen in Gondor.

The Return of the King, Minas Tirith

Lossarnach equipment is the equipment set used by the hardy axemen. It contains a battleaxe and a throwing axe.

Lossarnach battleaxeEdit

Damage Speed Reach Knockback
9 (9hearts) 75% 100% Normal

A powerful melee weapon, the battleaxe is useful both for cutting down trees and for killing enemies.

Gondorian crafting recipe
Gondorian Crafting
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
any stick
any stick
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Lossarnach Battleaxe

Lossarnach throwing axe Edit

Ranged Damage
5-6 (5hearts to 6hearts)

The Lossarnach throwing axe is a throwing axe that is very similar to the normal throwing axes, except that it is crafted on a Gondorian crafting table. You can throw it by right-clicking.

Gondorian crafting recipe
Gondorian Crafting
any stick
Iron Ingot
any stick
Iron Ingot
Lossarnach Throwing Axe
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