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The Mûmak Skeleton is a generated structure found in Near Harad.

Structure Edit

The skeleton is in the shape of one of the great Mûmakil of Harad (also known as Oliphaunts). It is made of bone blocks. It is believed that, due to dialogue with the Taurethrim, that the Mûmakil came from Far Harad and were 'stolen' by the Near Haradrim.

Occurrence Edit

These 'structures' spawn in the region of Harondor and in the biomes of Near Harad except for Lostladen and Umbar. Mûmak Skeletons are very difficult to find.


These skeletons are a good way of quickly getting bone meal, (assuming you happen to stumble across one) as you can get 968 bonemeal from the full skeleton of 121 bone blocks.