Every now and again the pursuers found things that had been dropped or cast away: food-bags, the rinds and crusts of hard grey bread. a torn black cloak, a heavy iron-nailed shoe broken on the stones.

–-The Riders of Rohan, The Two Towers

Maggoty bread is a kind of food, eaten by Orcs.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Maggoty bread can be crafted on any of the Orc crafting tables with the same recipe as normal bread. It also is a common loot from all types of Orcs. However, because it tends to inflict food poisoning, it should only be eaten by good players in truly dire situations.

Orkish crafting recipe
Orkish Crafting
Maggoty Bread

Use[edit | edit source]

Eating maggoty bread heals four  4  hunger points and has a chance (80% for neutral players) to give players the hunger effect, similar to rotten flesh. The higher the alignment with evil factions, the lower the risk of hunger. But even with +50 to all orc factions, there remains a risk of getting sick. Thus, maggoty bread is only a viable food for evil players.

Upon eating maggoty bread for the first time, you get the achievement "Three stinking days!"

Food of Middle-earth
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