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Mahogany trees are trees that spawn in Far Harad. Many of the Taurethrim structures are made partially with mahogany wood products, such as the Taurethrim stilt houses. They can also spawn in a much larger form, similar in size and shape to the giants of Fangorn forest, in the dense forest sub-biome (see below).


Mahogany trees are only found in the Far Harad Jungle, However, they are fairly common within the Jungle, and grow in abundance, so getting lots of mahogany wood isn't a difficulty if you can get to the jungles of Far Harad.


Their wood is a unique colour and doesn't look similar to any other type of tree's wood. This can look fashionable in various houses.

This giant mahogany tree (seen from below), found in the dense forest sub-biome is about 15 blocks wide.


When harvested, these trees will drop Mahogany wood, which can refined and crafted into Mahogany Planks, which can in turn be utilised in creating various other blocks and items.

Destroying the leaves of Mahogany trees also occaisionally results in the dropping of a sapling, as with all trees.

Mahogany Plank, Fence, Gate, Slab, Log, Leaves, Stairs, Door, Trapdoor and Beam

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