We are the fighting Uruk-hai! We slew the great warrior. We took the prisoners. We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, the White Hand: the Hand that gives us man’s-flesh to eat...

–Uglúk in The Two Towers, The Uruk-hai

Man-flesh is a food item that can be acquired through slaughtering humans, and is a favourite foodstuff for Orcs.

Obtaining Edit

Slaying sentient human entities with Orcish weapons will provide man-flesh as a dropped item, with a success rate of 0-2 per kill. It can also be purchased from half-troll scavengers.

Usage Edit

Eating man-flesh can have two results. If you have positive alignment with any orcish or troll faction it heals six 6food hunger points and provides decent saturation, comparable to that of cooked zebra and salted meat. Otherwise it will give the hunger effect for 30 seconds and not restore any food.

Another way to put man-flesh to use is to cook it in an orcish oven, which will produce rotten flesh and makes the meat unrecognizable and its origin hard to trace back. By consequently salting it, it will produces suspicious meat, a food item has the same nutritional value as man-flesh.

heat needed
Orc Forge
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
any kind of fuel

The only feasible purpose of producing suspicious meat from man-flesh would be to cover up having ever slaughtered humans and pretending you bought it from a trader. You may eventually find players buying it, but there are no traders who are interested in buying it from you.

If you cannot find Orcish traders who are interested to buy man-flesh from you, and you don't want to consume it yourself, cooking it in a furnace and selling it as rotten flesh to traders may be an alternative option to at least get some coin from it.

Trading Edit

Man-flesh can be sold to orcish traders from Angmar, Dol Guldur, Mordor and Isengard for some coin. These traders will offer you 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) coins per piece of flesh.

When cooked, man-flesh becomes rotten flesh, which can be sold to half-troll scavengers and oddment collectors.

It can be bought from half-troll scavengers, who will charge you 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) coins per piece. In some cases you may even find their merchandise is still fresh and warm.

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