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Mango is a fruit item from Far Harad. It grows on mango trees, which are found in the jungles of the south.


Mangoes are dropped when the leaves of mango trees decay or are destroyed. Mango trees grow in the Far Harad jungle biome and also in the Far Harad cloud forest. The trees are fairly rare, but after getting one sapling from a tree, it is easy to produce many more mango trees.

Mangoes are also sold by Taurethrim Farmers, who can be found in Taurethrim Villages, and by the merchants of Harad, who wander most of Middle-earth.


Mangoes can be eaten raw as a fruity snack to restore four  4  hunger points, or crafted into refreshing mango juice drinks, increasing their nutrition content that way, as the juice is made out of two fruits, but restores 6 ( 6 ) hunger points.

Unlike other fruits, you can't brew any alcoholic drinks from mangoes.

They can be sold to some Near Harad Traders in Southron bazaars, Dorwinion Merchants, Taurethrim Shamans and Morwaith huntsmen.


  • Mangoes were originally a part of Mevans' previous mod, the Lion King Mod. They were added to the LOTR mod along with other Far Harad features.
  • The Morwaith tribes of the savannah love their mangoes dearly. They wish a curse of Anti-Mango upon their enemies.
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